How to Sell Bitcoin

We offer several different methods to sell bitcoin online. Read the guides carefully to find the method that's best for you.


Prepaid Debit Card

Spend your crypto at any location that accepts debit cards! Simply sell your bitcoin or litecoin via our online exchange, then you will recieve a prepaid debit card for the amount sold.

PayPal Account

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods. Easily sell your BTC to your PayPal account using our simple crypto exchange system.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are best for high volume transactions, and are fast and secure. Bitcoin of America offers same day wire transfers for buying bitcoin. Buying BTC using wire transfer has never been simpler.

Below is a detailed step by step guide

1. Create an account

  • Log in to the platform’s website here.
  • On the profile, click on Get Started
  • Fill in your personal details such as, your name, email address, phone number, etc and you are set to begin your trade.

2. Create a Trade

After you’ve logged in to your account click on Trade to open up the trade page;

Verify your account first before buying BTC on wire transfer
Click Sell
Enter the amount of BTC you wish to Sell
Select your payment method

3. Enter the Receiving Address

Enter the address of the receiving PayPal or bank account. If you are selling to a prepaid debit card, enter your E-mail address

4. Click Sell

An order has been created. A QR code will appear with a wallet address to send your BTC.

5. Complete!

After your BTC is recieved on our end, you will be sent your payment within just a few minuites. Selling Bitcoin and Litecoin is Easy through Bitcoin of America’s website or mobile app!