How to Buy Bitcoin

Wire Transfer

Make a wire transfer request on our trading platform and then wire the funds to our bank account from your online banking or teller. You can easily trade BTC or LTC via our website or mobile app. If you have questions visit our guide on how to buy bitcoin with wire transfer

Bitcoin ATM Locations

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with cash (USD) from any of our Bitcoin ATM machines, located conveniently in major cities. Buying bitcoin from our BTM locations is easy and fast. Our ATMs are located in the places you usually shop like grocery stores, gas stations, and shopping malls, so you can buy crypto at your convenience.

Store Payment Locations

Buy bitcoin over the counter by visiting one of our in-store locations and pay with cash USD. First create an order. Our trading platform time-stamps and confirms all trades. Choose your method of payment, find your store location, and simply go to the location to purchase your order. Buying bitcoin locally has never been so easy!

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Here we provide a complete guide to buying bitcoin through the several methods we offer.

Buying bitcoin locally and online has never been easier! Simply download our mobile app or visit our website to find a bitcoin ATM near you or a store payment location. Our app and website also support wire transfers for buying crypto instantly on the go right from your mobile phone.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are famous for being fast and secure. In a wire transfer money moves within a day or two. However, same day transfers are possible in platforms such as Bitcoin of America, a online currency exchange. The platform allows users to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) using wire transfer, with a credit card or even locally in-store.

Buying BTC using wire transfer has never been simpler. Below is a step by step guide;

1. Create an account

Before you can sell or buy BTC, you will first have to create an account, to do this, simply;

✓  Log in to the platforms website here
✓  On the profile, click on Get Started
✓  Fill in your personal details such as, your name, email address, phone number, etc and you are set to begin your trade.

2. Create a Trade

After you’ve logged in to your account click on Trade to open up the trade page;

✓  Verify your account first before buying BTC on wire transfer
✓  Click Buy
✓  Enter the amount of BTC you wish to buy
✓  Select the currency you wish to pay with. i.e. USD (US Dollar)
✓  Click on Wire Transfer to select it as your payment method

3. Enter your Bitcoin Wallet Address

A Bitcoin address is simply an address that represents a possible destination for a BTC payment. These addresses usually have 26-35 alphanumeric characters beginning with either number 1 or number 3. These characters often comprise of random digits, upper case letters, and lowercase letters. However, the number ‘0’, uppercase letter ‘O’, lowercase letter ‘i’ and uppercase letter ‘I’ are never used so as to prevent visual ambiguity.

A Bitcoin address is a single use token that can be generated using user’s exchange accounts or an online wallet service. It can also be created offline (without an internet connection). Being a single user token means that, just like email addresses, users can send BTC to a person by sending the coins to one of their addresses. However, Bitcoin users have many different addresses that are used for each transaction.

4. Agree with the terms and conditions of purchase and then click BUY.

All done! Your wire transfer bitcoin purchase is complete.

View Bitcoin ATM & Tablet Locations

How to Buy Bitcoin via Bitcoin ATM

First thing's first, if you intend to make use of a Bitcoin ATM, then you will need to locate the ones that are near you, and one service to help you with this, is offered by Coin ATM Radar. When you get on the platform, you can search Bitcoin ATMs by country, by location, by address, or by other cryptocurrencies. When you locate the Bitcoin ATM that is closest to you, then you may proceed to buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies, via the following steps.

Identification and Verification

When you get to the Bitcoin ATM, the first thing you will be asked to do is enter your phone number and scan your driver’s license. The need for identification is because Bitcoin ATM operators need to comply with Know Your Customer KYC, and Anti-Money Laundering policies.

After submitting your information, it will quickly get verified, and this verification process usually involves sending an code to your mobile phone. and then inputting the code when prompted by the Bitcoin ATM.

Scan the QR Code of Your Wallet

It is imperative that the Bitcoin address where the Bitcoins you intend to buy will be sent to is 100% accurate. There are different ways to get a Bitcoin public address; via exchanges, crypto apps , paper wallets, etc. We recommend the Bitcoin of America wallet app for iOS and Android.

Every wallet address comes with a QR code which will get scanned by the Bitcoin ATM, and the machine automatically identifies where the purchased Bitcoin should be sent to.

Use Fiat Currency (Cash)

After successfully going through the steps mentioned above, the next step is to insert your cash (USD) into the Bitcoin ATM, just the same way you use a ATM. When this is done, your bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.


After your transaction is completed you may choose to print or e-mail your receipt.

Our Bitcoin ATMs are conveniently located at locations near you!

1900 Store Payment Locations

Bitcoin of America reached out to 1900 payment locations willing to collect cash payments for our client’s crypto trading. To purchase bitcoin using the store payment / bitcoin teller location method, simply log in to your account, create an order, enter your bitcoin wallet address, and go to the store location to make the payment.


All trades are time-stamped and confirmed in our trading platform. Hence, you will always know the time and amount of your trades. In addition, you will receive an SMS on your phone with the relevant order information. The SMS will include instructions on completing your order at the store payment location.

Once you choose to purchase bitcoin using a store payment location (you make this payment in person and in cash), you can go to the location and pay for your order. All instructions, payment details, and store locations are visible on the BUY BITCOIN tab. The instructions will include the store locations, name, number, addresses and all payment information needed to complete your order.

Buying bitcoin from Bitcoin of America using the 1900 store payment locations has never been easier. For more information check out our guide on How to Buy Bitcoin In Store or view bitcoin teller locations near you.

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