World’s Largest ATM manufacturing firm Takes Interest in Bitcoin

August 6th, 2018

World’s Largest ATM manufacturing firm Takes Interest in Bitcoin

Buying digital currency is getting both easy and convenient. Popular online trading platforms and ATM bitcoin have helped with this progress. With vendors from different places adding support for cryptocurrency, the need for ATM machines is increasing. Bitcoin trading exchanges, such as Bitcoin of America are available, but ATM machines make the task easier. One business group, Square, revealed that they are adding a new feature to buy Bitcoin using their Smartphone app. Soon, customers of this firm will get the chance to buy digital currencies at the push of a button. Isn’t it exciting?

Bitcoin on Demand

Hyosung recently came up with a statement that they will add a new ATM transaction support using the help of cash. Once this system is activated, all ATM bitcoin services will operate similarly to a conventional ATM machine. Using these machines allow for users to withdraw digital currencies at ease. Digital currency will be dispatched to user wallet using QR scan. The process is simple and it can be used by any digital currency user. As of now, these ATMs will dispense bitcoin, but coins being added is something that has been discussed. This new initiative by business groups will help innumerable users from around the world.

Hyosung is one of the most popular business groups and South Korea’s largest firm with around 25,000 employees and revenue of $17 billion. ATM manufacturing is a small part of their function, but they trying to revamp the business. The business firm is also investing in chemicals and construction business around the world. In many places, this business group is best known and recognized as an ATM manufacturer.

Showing the World direction

Hyosung is not limiting their idea to just South Korea. They will make the most of global presence and come up with ATM bitcoin andother places. The business group has several ATMs installed in the United States. Hyosung is not partnering with any financial institute or bank to supply ATM machines in America.

Bitcoin as a Service

This new idea of ATM bitcoin using traditional machines seems interesting, but no word is given on the commission and exchange while using Hyosung’s upgraded machines. In general ATM machines are more expensive when compared to other methods of buying cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin of America’s online trading platforms. Individuals who struggle to find proper documentation to complete lengthy KYC procedures or lack technical knowledge may find Bitcoin through ATMs ideal. For individuals who are investing in digital currencies, spending few dollars in fees is a small price to pay.

This is definitely a huge development and this clearly shows how the world is changing its perception of digital currencies. What do you think?



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