Why are so many BTMs popping up Across the US?

November 21st, 2018

Why are so many BTMs popping up Across the US?

With every day passing there’s been influx of BTMs  across the United States. The last few months saw many new machines appearing at all corners of the country. Many new BTM networks are coming up in the country which help digital currency users to buy or sell Bitcoin fast. With growing popularity of digital currency there is increase in the number of Bitcoin Exchange as well. BTM machines are also proving to be quite useful in many parts.

Bitcoin of America is a popular BTM operator in the country with over 70 BTM machines installed at different cities. Apart from BTM kiosks, Bitcoin of America operates an online Bitcoin Exchange making it easy for digital currency users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. All BTM kiosks are installed in prime locations so that users can access BTM machines whenever they need. Bitcoin of America recently added 2 new BTM machines in New Orleans. In this short span of time BOA has become a reputed BTM operator in the country with BTM kiosks installed in popular cites and low exchange fees.

Reputed BTM Operators growing their Network

Seeing the growing demand for digital currency many popular BTM operators are adding new machines. The demand for the BTM machines are increasing at rapid speeds so BTM operators are trying to quickly secure market share. Apart from using Bitcoin Exchanges digital currency users are getting accustomed to BTM machines. What’s more to lure digital currency users popular BTM operators are charging zero to low transaction fees, an obvious reason why BTM transactions are increasing so fast.

People from all places are accessing BTM kiosks. Most of the popular BTM kiosks are centrally located and offer services 24×7, all this making BTM business popular in the country. Dedicated apps and portals are coming up using which you can locate BTM machines near to any place. CoinATMFinder allows you to locate BTM kiosks and all its important details before using the BTM.

Coinsource leading the race

With so many new BTM operators making its entry in the United States Bitcoin ATM market, soon there may be little market share left. Until then, everyone is scrambling to place their BTM machines.


Will this trend last?

BTM market is growing rapidly in this part of the globe, quite visible with the number of BTMs installed. Alongside Bitcoin Exchanges, BTM kiosks are also helping digital currency users to buy or sell digital currencies at ease. BTM machines are more useful and compared to online exchanges its use will keep growing in days to come.

BTM Operators and manufacturers believe that they are stepping in the right direction and this trend of growing BTM business wont slow down anytime soon. As more new BTM machines and Bitcoin Exchanges are coming up, BTM operators believe that they are giving digital currency enthusiasts easy access to cryptocurrencies. In the coming days time you can expect more BTM kiosks around the country, as popular BTM operators like Bitcoin of America are planning to add more machines under the network.

What do you think about the growing popularity of Bitcoin ATM operations around the country? Share your views with us.

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