Where to Buy Bitcoin

February 19th, 2019

Where to Buy Bitcoin

Once you set up your wallet and have everything in place the next question that comes into your mind is where to buy bitcoin. Unlike fiat currency where people rely on banks for all transactions, bitcoin and other altcoins have other platforms which enable traders to buy or sell digital coins. Through these platforms, one can purchase crypto.


The emergence of cryptocurrency also came with the need to have platforms which would enable the trading of the currencies. If you are looking on where to buy bitcoin, exchangessuch as Bitcoin of America are the way to go to. The latter comes with various advantages which gives you, the trader, the upper hand when searching for a safe, reliable and quick place where to buy bitcoin. Some of the best features include trading pairs, security is of the highest’s standards, and support channels in case a trader encounters challenges. With the emergence of so many cryptocurrency exchanges in the space, the services they provide are excellent and offer the user a easy guide to buying Bitcoin. There are very many exchanges, hence you can look for one which charges close to zero fees and set up an account.

Peer to Peer Exchanges

Another place where to buy bitcoin is on a Peer to peer exchange known as P2P exchange. These are decentralized exchanges connect buyers and sellers. At these platforms, as a buyer, you are at liberty to choose one seller from the many available on the platform and initiate a transaction. To help you choose, every seller or buyer is rated by the very individuals they carry out transactions with. And the better the score, the more trustworthy someone is. But above all, before funds reach the other end, they are stored in an escrow account which only releases funds when each party agrees and completes the purchase.

Bitcoin ATMs or BTM

Apart from these two places another place where to buy bitcoin is through a bitcoin ATM. Installation of the ATMs is gaining tractionacross the globe, and more people are warming up to the idea of purchasing bitcoin through a Bitcoin ATM or BTM. The process is simple and includes the buyer finding a Bitcoin ATM closest to them; then either scans the ID via a scanner or keys in their phone number for the verification process. After carrying out the verification process, one can proceed to buy bitcoins. While some ATMs support buying others enable traders to buy and sell crypto. Furthermore making transactions in fiat currency is supported. When looking for an Bitcoin ATMits important to find a location close in proximity to you with the lowest rates. 

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