Where Is Bitcoin Accepted?

April 4th, 2018

Businesses from different political campaigns, industries and many more types of services have started accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate source of payment. Moreover, people from around the globe have started accepting Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, as there are many implications to the Blockchain Technology. Not many people thought that Bitcoin would get such wide acceptance, but it is becoming one of the preferred methods of payment for online exchanges. Many governments and businesses from across the globe are beginning to accept virtual currencies.

Lately, many companies like Dell and Microsoft, have started accepting Bitcoin due to its huge popularity among the present generation. Keep in mind that many services may not directly invest in Bitcoin because of its volatile nature which makes it a high-risk investment, but it’s still a new technology that is gaining popularity and acceptance from the public, as well as financial markets. To stay more relevant, businesses from around the world should strive to offer top quality customer services, thereby recognizing Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. Providing easy solutions for both merchants and the public is necessary in order for both parties to start using this new payment system. Here is a list of some major companies that are accepting Bitcoin:


Steam is one of the most popular online gaming platforms, where there are over 125 million users from around the globe. Now you can easily buy games or pay for other services using Bitcoin. Digital currency enthusiasts can now use cryptocurrencies for their favorite games.


Overstock is a popular online retail store where you can shop for various items using digital currencies. There are the latest gadgets, home appliances, and day to day household items available with Overstock. This is the first giant retailer to accept Bitcoin as a payment system. Now shop at your convenience with this online portal and pay using Bitcoins.


Most everyone in the world knows about Microsoft and how big of a business it is. Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for movies, apps, and games. Now users can pay for any of these services by adding money to their account. This is a good deal for movie lovers and gamers, alike.

Virgin Galactic

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to outer space? Virgin Groups Company, which specializes in space tourism is accepting Bitcoin for space travel. Pay for this memorable trip by using your Bitcoins. One of the most popular businessmen, Richard Branson, invested in Bitcoin and has shown his support this new payment system. Book your ticket to space now and pay with Bitcoins!

Save the Children

One of the most well known global charity organizations, Save The Children, accepts donations in the form of Bitcoins. Save the Children, is a leading children charity organization, which is works in 120 countries around the world providing free education, disaster relief, and healthcare for children and protects their rights.


Now purchasing gifts for your loved ones is easier than ever, thanks to eGifter! The best thing about eGifter is that you can shop for gift cards from popular platforms using Bitcoin. Digital currency users can now spend it to buy gift cards for your loved ones.


OkCupid is currently one of the most popular dating websites. This popular online platform is accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment, users can now pay for a list of features easily. Currently, it is one of the major online portals to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Use it to find your ideal partner online.

Peach Airlines

Japanese company Peach Aviation started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Now users can easily purchase tickets from this portal using Bitcoins. Fly to any part of Japan buying tickets with Bitcoin.

Apart from the businesses mentioned above, there are various other companies or business that started accepting Bitcoin as payment. Use Bitcoin as a mode of payment in Tesla, Zynga, Mega.co.nz, Mint.com, Fancy.com and many more.

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