Trade Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies

October 16th, 2018

Trade Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies

It is over a decade that the realm of Bitcoin is continuing. The number of people who trade Bitcoins has increased. Later, with more advanced technology and smarter, fast transaction capabilities, there are many other cryptocurrencies which have entered the market. Even though the list is always emerging, the most popular among those are Ethereum and Litecoin, while the others are Zcash, Dash, Ripple and many more.

Advantages with Zcash

Zcash has entered the market in 2016 and has become more popular among the digital currencies. This is well known for the privacy and as well transparency. These are even published and recorded using the Blockchain; however, the advantage is that the details of the sender, the amount will be kept private. The cryptographic technique used for this currency has made it gone viral. If this currency gets viral, its possible that Bitcoin ATMs will offer this type of digital currency.

Dash is Popular For its Master Code Network

If you are looking for your transactions to be untraceable, then you can use Dash which is very helpful for everyone. This is practically anonymous and was launched in 2014. In a short amount of time, many people have used this because of its intense technological features.

Ripple for Cheaper International Payments

There are multiple people who are willing to use currency that helps low cost as well to make the international payments instantly. To all those type of people, ripple is the best digital currency. Just like the Bitcoin ATMs which provide transactions of Bitcoin for a lesser price, Ripple is useful to make the cross-border transactions in real time. There is proper transparency and the transactions can be completed for less prices. Outside of finding users who trade bitcoin, there is a higher demand for altcoins.

Most of the people are showing interest in Ripple as there is no need to mine to get this currency. Right now, the market capitalization of this currency is almost $1.26 billion. As this currency is not mined, there are no latency problems.

Unpredictable Value Rise of Ethereum

The other cryptocurrency which is becoming more popular is Ethereum. After all, Ethereum has many added advantages over the Bitcoin. When it comes to the market share, right now Bitcoin and Ethereum are striving a lot and there are even many other startups who are investing in Ethereum to get more benefits. Right from 2017, the market share of the Ethereum has dramatically increased. Almost in a span of six months, the market price has increased to 30% which used to be just 5% at the beginning of the year. In the last year, the price value of the Ethereum has increased to almost $3000.  Even in the state of ether which is a platform for the Ethereum cryptocurrency, many people are showing interest to invest in this digital currency.

The process where the demand for Bitcoin is taken over by the other cryptocurrency is called as flippening. There are many experts who have believed in this and based on the smart and fast transactions and many other wide arrays of applications of the digital currency, it will be used in the market. Accordingly, the market value for this also increases in less time. So it will be interesting to see who continues to trade Bitcoin and who is interested in altcoins.

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