Top Industries Unlocking the Values from Blockchain Technology

July 5th, 2018

Blockchain technology is a revolution which is taking the whole world by storm. In days to come it will transform industries, enhance customer experience, and most importantly revolutionize trust across businesses. The popularity of Bitcoin and Bitcoin ATM in Detroit, MI are already showcasing the usefulness of this new concept in banking industries. This distributed ledger technology has applications in finance as well as banking industries. Many reputable names in the finance and banking industry are showing interest in this emerging technology.

Blockchain ledgers are transparent which allows everyone to have their own copy alongside seeing all the changes that are made to the copy. There are a lot of banks which are willing to make use of the blockchain technology because they know the technology can save them billions annually. The popularity of digital currency and its use through Bitcoin ATM in Detroit, MI is increasing every day. Finding online trading platforms or BTMs nearby is no longer a difficult task. With reputable services like Bitcoin of America, you can locate BTMs nearby or use their online trading platforms to exchange with ease.

There is no longer a concern of viruses or system crashes with this new technology. As blockchain is this secure, there are many places where it can be used to reap benefits. And as bitcoin is completely secure, there is great scope for the longevity of this cryptocurrency in the market.

Apart from Bitcoin or Bitcoin ATM in Detroit, MI there are other fields where this technology is being used. Here are top industries where Blockchain is making its entry:


Blockchain technology is known for its enhanced security features making it ideal for financial services. This new technology will justify its role in the insurance sector and provide a transparent way of storing information. Many top companies or names from the insurance sector have already shown interest, in days to come its use will continue to increase.

Retail and Consumer Goods

The all-new Blockchain technology will play its role in retail as well as e-commerce industries. Its use will increase the visibility of products and make the system easy to maintain. By using trusted and distributed databases, Blockchain solutions are reducing all negative variables which hamper businesses like settlement processes. The blockchain is also known for its immutable and shared ledger which enables businesses to establish concrete trust in areas such as global shipping, supply chain, payments and invoicing.


Blockchain technology is increasing privacy, security as well as interoperability of health data by keeping all patients in mind. What’s more this new technology will provide new mode for HIE, Health Information Exchanges, by making electronic medical records more secured, efficient, and disintermediated.

Government Services

The robustness and unique concept of Blockchain technology have grabbed the attention of government authorities all over the world. The potential of this technology in tax or internet revenue monitoring system, secure banking services, electronic voting systems, and national identity management system makes it hugely effective.

Supply Chain Management

In Supply Chain Management, all transactions can be documented in a decentralized record and monitored in a safe and secure manner by ensuring transparency. Use of Blockchain in this industry will help in reducing human errors and time delays. This new technology can also be used in verifying trade status and authenticity of products by tracking from dispatched points.

Apart from these industries use of Blockchain will increase in fields like cloud storage, real estate crowdfunding, critical infrastructure security, messaging apps, the entertainment industry and many more. The sectors discussed above are top in the chart for now, but the spread of Blockchain technology will only continue.

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