Top Games You Can Play with BTC

October 30th, 2018

Top Games You Can Play with BTC

The game of Bingo is indeed a favorite amusement activity for millions of players throughout the world. It is also one of the very few games of chance that are legal in the United States and some other countries where gambling is illegal. Regardless, Bingo offers a fantastic opportunity for players to earn serious cash and other prizes, which has made the game popular among players of all age groups and different genders.

The entire bingo industry is fast transitioning into an online platform, where online mobile bingo software enables players to access the game on their mobile or desktop device. There are different versions of the game that are available through online platforms, but we are more interested in companies that offer the option to play online bingo with BTC.

Choosing the Best Bingo Sites

It is reported that the online bingo market is valued over a billion dollars, which is supported by an extensive network of bingo operators that offer their products and services to users from all over the globe. Sometimes, it may become difficult for players to choose a high-quality operator that caters to their exact needs and requirements. Therefore, if you are searching for the best bingo sites to win on, click here to find out more about the various new online bingo sites that currently operate in the market. It is imperative for you to choose a licensed and regulated company, as it helps in ensuring the safety of your funds. Several casino sites also provide the option of playing bingo within an online social network, which can result in a thoroughly enjoyable gaming environment.

Purchasing Tickets with Bitcoin

To play bingo, players must purchase a ticket or buy into a bingo game with cash. Bingo operators usually support multiple currencies for users to make a payment, including the Euro and the US Dollar; however, bitcoin is proving to be a better alternative for most players. Despite the massive fluctuations in the value of bitcoin, BTC users swear by the security and anonymity aspect of the cryptocurrency. Some companies also waive the fees associated with a BTC transfer, so that you can get the full value of your bitcoins in your bingo wallet.

You can choose to convert BTC to any other currency at the existing rates before depositing the money into your bingo wallet so that you can purchase your ticket in denominations of USD, EUR, or GBP. Alternatively, you can also buy the tickets in BTC denominations, albeit at the standard/existing BTC conversion rates. Casino operators are known to support most major currencies, along with a few local currencies, so that you have the convenience of playing in any currency that you prefer.

Dealing with Winnings & Payouts

Bingo can be an exciting opportunity to make serious cash or win fabulous prizes. The concept of bingo is quite simple; create a line in your card or ticket, either horizontal, vertical, or cross, as the numbers are being called out. Each combination has a different prize associated with it and is usually dependent on the game of bingo being played. Different companies can also have different payout policies, which can result in a different prize structure for the same game.

Nevertheless, when it comes to withdrawing your money, you must ensure that you only make a BTC withdrawal, provided, you have made a deposit with your bitcoin wallet. Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulatory policies require casinos and Bingo operators to process withdrawals to the same account that was used to fund the account. Therefore, for a different payment option, players may be required to complete a few formalities, and changing the withdrawal account can ultimately depend on the payment policies of the company that you have chosen.

Why Online Bingo Makes Sense for BTC users

Although offline stores and local establishments more or less accept bitcoin, it is still not a substitute for actual currency. The number of BTC merchants are quite low, especially in the bingo industry. However, things are different in the online market. There are several new online bingo sites in the UK and other parts of the world, where players can deposit and withdraw in bitcoins. Bitcoin-supported casinos also provide excellent bingo games that are offered alongside their regular casino games which increases the gaming options for regular bingo players.

Legality & Safety of Bitcoin Bingo Sites

Bingo is legal in most countries, and there aren’t any severe restrictions on using bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, thereby allowing its users to transact in bitcoins through anonymous channels. However, players need to be careful while dealing with bingo operators, casinos, and bitcoin exchanges, as, there can be scam operators who are on the lookout for some easy cash.

Choosing a reliable bitcoin exchange alongside a regulated bingo company is vital to keeping your bitcoins safe from any fraudulent entities. You must also stay safe against any individuals or service providers who seek your personal information or require you to send bitcoins to any third-party wallets. You must be diligent in your choice of bingo networks by getting all the latest information about new bingo sites through reputed sources such as so that you can be assured of the authenticity of the service before depositing BTC.

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