Top 5 Digital Currencies

March 22nd, 2018

Bitcoin has been the leading cryptocurrency in the world for a long time now, both of the terms Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency can be used interchangeably. But the truth is that digital currency isn’t just comprised of Bitcoin. There are many other cryptocurrencies in circulation, but less is known about the other less popular digital currencies. Other than Bitcoin, there are a few other options available in the market. You can have the chance to Buy Bitcoins on the south side of Chicago and other digital currencies from popular online exchanges or BTM kiosks. Get started with some of the following popular digital currencies.


Litecoin was launched in the year 2011 and is similar to Bitcoin. This digital currency is also a decentralized payment system that functions without a central authority. Litecoin and Bitcoin currencies are similar in many ways. The catch about Litecoin is that it is much faster when compared to Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoins on the south side of Chicago or Litecoin easily from popular exchanges.


Ethereum is another open source and decentralized software platform which was launched in the year 2015. Ethereum platform requires a cryptographic token named Ether. This token can be used to secure, trade, and decentralize just about anything. This digital currency experienced an attack in the year 2016, which led to a split. Now Ethereum is divided into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum is considered to be one of the leading cryptocurrencies; it is second to Bitcoin.


Zcash is another popular digital currency which came into circulation in 2016. This currency promotes itself as “Bitcoin is http for money, and Zcash is like https.” This new digital currency promises security, transparency, and privacy for transactions. With this currency, there is the option to have a “shielded” transaction, which allows the user to transfer data as encrypted code. Now Buy Bitcoins on the south side of Chicago or other digital currencies using respective national currencies at ease from any popular BTM kiosks or online exchanges.


Dash is actually a secretive version of Bitcoin; it is also known as ‘Darkcoin’ because of its secretive nature. Dash is popular for its expanded anonymity allowing users to make transactions almost impossible to trace. This digital currency was introduced in the market in the year 2014, since then it is getting a huge response from around the globe.


Ripple is yet another popular digital currency that is in circulation; it has a market capitalization over $1bn. This currency was first introduced in 2012, and it offers secure, instant, and low-cost payments. This public ledger doesn’t need mining, a unique feature that makes this digital currency more popular than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Lack of mining reduces computing power, thereby minimizing latency and makes faster transactions.

Though Bitcoin is leading the pack of cryptocurrencies, all its rivals are picking up the pace every day. Buy Bitcoins on the south side of Chicago and any other digital currencies from different online exchanges or kiosks installed at prime locations. Start using the best digital currency today.


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