PR: The HollyWoodCoin Cryptocurrency and Sunway TaihuLight Supercomputer Will Change the Film Industry Forever

June 21st, 2018


The owner of the HollowWoodCoin (HWC) cryptocurrency HWC Ltd., and the official representative of the world’s most powerful computing system based on the TOP500 ranking (the Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer) MGN Digital Pte. Ltd, launched a joint project. They signed an agreement on cooperation and the exclusive right to provide computating capacity for the rendering, animation and creation visual special effects for cinematography. The agreement notes a reduction in rendering time, one of the most important factors in the filming process today and of the utmost importance for the industry, as well as the forthcoming dumping of prices for these services. This is the first global precedent of a cryptocurrency being provided under such a contract, which will undoubtedly positively affect the liquidity of HollyWoodCoin and guarantee its further growth. According to the analytical website, as of May 2018, HWC was 565th in the world rating of electronic money. But now we can confidently say that serious growth of the HWC cryptocurrency is expected in the near future!


Head of HWC Ltd. Maksim Suvorin:


“High demand for our cryptocurrency is a huge step towards realizing the company’s goals, which in many ways was made possible thanks to signing the agreement with MGN Digital Pte. Ltdand creating a new key asset for HollyWoodCoin. Currently, we are working on rendering contracts with the leading film companies of India, Russia, the United States and Europe, which will guarantee the growth of value and liquidity of HollyWoodCoin as a natural evolution of the prospects supercomputers are now presenting for cinema!”


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