transactions / November 1st, 2018

Bitcoin Exchange Scams around the World

Bitcoin is an amazing cryptographic achievement that took the financial world by surprise. The ability to create something that cannot be duplicated makes it highly popular in the digital world.  Since its inception Bitcoin price has increased considerably in the last few years and its market capitalization has reached billions of dollars. People from all […]

transactions / October 17th, 2018

Sponsored: Coinfloor Crypto-Exchanger Earns First License under Gibraltar’s modern Blockchain Laws

Following the passage of Gibraltar’s modern blockchain laws, Coinfloor (the oldest crypto-firm in the U.K) applied for licensing and reports indicate that it proved itself worthy of the license. According to its website, the exchange was bestowed with an in principle authorization to carry out its operations as a ‘Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provider.’ Like with the […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

How Do Cryptocurrency Markets Work?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, encrypted digital currency that can be transferred between peers through a process called “mining”. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, work in a simplified process. Here are some of the important things about cryptocurrencies that you need to know: Public Ledgers From the start of the cryptocurrency creation, to confirmed transactions, everything is stored […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Where Can Blockchain Technology Be Used?

Blockchain technology is becoming popular all around the world it is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ether. Most people think of blockchain as a just a payment system, but in reality, it’s much more than a that. The blockchain is an encrypted database of verified transactions that are unique to today’s market. The […]

Information / April 7th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Reach One Million Dollars?

Bitcoin may have just taken a hit recently, but cryptocurrency experts have no doubts that Bitcoin will quickly make its way back to the top. Bitcoin’s recent price increase quickly grabbed the attention of many around the world, seeing this trend many Bitcoin users invested in this new digital currency. Cryptocurrencies are still new to […]

BItcoin ATM / April 5th, 2018

Bitcoin ATMs Near You

Bitcoin is one of the hottest topics currently and is quickly making news all over the world. This new currency system is making its way into the market and people from different countries are using it to buy products and services. Top businesses and ecommerce websites everywhere are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Users can enjoy […]

Bitcoin Purchases / April 4th, 2018

Where Is Bitcoin Accepted?

Businesses from different political campaigns, industries and many more types of services have started accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate source of payment. Moreover, people from around the globe have started accepting Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, as there are many implications to the Blockchain Technology. Not many people thought that Bitcoin would get such […]

Information / March 29th, 2018

What Bitcoin Exchange Should I Use?

As Bitcoin popularity is increasing everyday and with it new popular social networking platforms, many people are asking “ What Bitcoin exchange should I use?” Seeing the rise in demand for this popular digital currency, many online exchanges or websites have become available, where users are able to trade Bitcoins using any currency of their […]

BItcoin ATM / March 21st, 2018

Big Businesses That Are Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is hot right now and everyone wants a piece of it. Each day the price of Bitcoin is increasing and this garnering the attention of many enthusiasts. People from all corners of the globe are now scrambling to get ahold of this new currency. There are St. Louis Bitcoin ATM kiosks and online exchanges […]

Bitcoin Tax / March 13th, 2018

Are Bitcoin Exchanges Regulated?

Regulators from across the globe have started to address the issue of the virtual currency, Bitcoin, being able to bypass financial firms, banks, exchanges, and central clearing houses. It is true that this digital currency, the blockchain, and token sales have ignited a global phenomenon for Bitcoin. The digital currency has started disrupting products and […]

Bitcoin Purchases / March 12th, 2018

How Do Bitcoin Exchanges Work?

Bitcoin exchange is a digital marketplace that gives Bitcoin traders the opportunity to buy and sell Bitcoin using traditional national currencies. Bitcoin currency exchanges are online platforms that act as the “middleman” between currency buyers and sellers. Since 2008, when Bitcoin first came on the market, there have been numerous online exchanges for Bitcoin. Breaking […]

Bitcoin Wallet / March 11th, 2018

How Bitcoin Wallets Work

Bitcoin wallets are very similar to regular, everyday wallets. Used to carry cash, cards, and personal information, wallets, like Bitcoin wallets, are used to store money and important information. However, there are some things that a regular wallet can’t do. For example, if you want to know the balance to your account you have to […]

Bitcoin Wallet / March 11th, 2018

Are Bitcoin Addresses Safe?

Bitcoin is this year’s buzzword and people have some questions. Among these questions is one of the most frequently asked questions, “What are Bitcoin addresses?” A Bitcoin Address is a vital piece of software that allow the digital currency and blockchain to work. There are two parts to the Bitcoin address, the public key and […]

Information / February 21st, 2018

Are bitcoin transactions anonymous?

Bitcoin is not anonymous; in fact, it is pseudo-anonymous. Most Bitcoin veterans around the world are aware of this. To understand Bitcoin’s anonymity, it is necessary to understand the working process of Bitcoin on a basic level first. How does a Bitcoin transaction work? Bitcoin protocol consists of a series of transactions. These transactions are […]

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