investment / February 10th, 2020

Bitcoin Surge: The Price of Bitcoin Hits $10,000

Bitcoin is finally back over $10,000 The price of Bitcoin finally hit $10,000. This is the highest price in four months. The big question is..will it continue to rise? According to Coin Desk, the price of Bitcoin was at $10,129 late Sunday. A ton of Bitcoin enthusiasts are actually predicting this price to rice even […]

investment / December 5th, 2018

Importance to Use Trusted Exchange to Buy Bitcoin

Do you know that there are even troubles for Bitcoin mining services? This is a way that the entire world of cryptocurrencies are being scammed and there are hundreds of theft cases from Bitcoin wallets. The two main problems of Bitcoin Exchanges are that the prices of the Bitcoin are highly volatile and moreover there […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

Are Blockchain Transactions Anonymous?

Bitcoin is becoming more popular than ever, an increasing number of online merchants from different places offer the option to pay using Bitcoin. Compared to traditional currency, there are numerous benefits offered with Bitcoin, one great promise of this blockchain technology is its anonymity. This means all transactions are recorded and made public, but they […]

Information / April 6th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Reach $100,000?

Getting rich quickly, for the most part, is somewhat of a myth. Wealth is something that is built overtime, throughout someone’s life, by making smart investments. Stock markets for instance, gain around 10% annually, including reinvestment and inflation. But 2017, was a huge exception to this. Bitcoin was making news almost every single day and […]

Infographics / February 21st, 2018

How do you make Money from Bitcoin?

Looking to earn some extra money or build your wealth portfolio? Bitcoin is definitely a good option for doing so. When most individuals think of making some money through Bitcoin, they actually mean investing and mining in this digital currency. But there are plenty of options available which you can use to generate Bitcoin and […]

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