investing / December 5th, 2018

Importance to Use Trusted Exchange to Buy Bitcoin

Do you know that there are even troubles for Bitcoin mining services? This is a way that the entire world of cryptocurrencies are being scammed and there are hundreds of theft cases from Bitcoin wallets. The two main problems of Bitcoin Exchanges are that the prices of the Bitcoin are highly volatile and moreover there […]

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investing / September 26th, 2018

Boom in Bitcoin Commerce

Did you ever think there would be a day where you can use digital currencies without a central authority? Well, the day has come as digital currencies are more widespread and going mainstream. Online Bitcoin exchanges are emerging as well as Bitcoin ATM locations all over the world. Now, one can even find a Bitcoin […]

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investing / September 25th, 2018

SP: 4 Tips for Successful Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is becoming common with the passage of time. More and more people are getting into its business by trading it and investing a hugea mount of money into it. Other then Bitcoin, there are many such currencies, such as Ethereum, for which you will find guideline about how to buy […]

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investing / September 25th, 2018

SP: Dash Coin: Price, Charts, Market Cap, and Other Metrics

Most cryptocurrencies exist on a public, transparent blockchain in which anyone can access and view information. Transactions are then made and shared with the entire blockchain. However, it is widely believed that transactions on blockchains like Bitcoin are private and anonymous. That is a false misconception, as a majority of currencies can be traced back […]

investing / September 20th, 2018

Securing Mined Bitcoin

Those who know about bitcoin always remember that in mining bitcoin, all coins have to be stopped at the 21 million count. The mining has already reached the 17 million mark and recently, the demand for the Bitcoin has already increased. The miners who are handling the transaction details of the bitcoin have come to know […]

investing / September 20th, 2018

SP: Interesting Facts about Bitcoin

If you had 10,000 bitcoins today, what would be the first thing you buy? A fast car, a mansion or maybe you could invest. In 2010, a bitcoin owner used his 10,000 bitcoins to purchase two pizzas. If you have heard the story before, you can’t blame the guy since bitcoin back then was worth […]

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investing / September 18th, 2018

Are there reasons not to use Bitcoin?

For those of us keeping up with industry news, we’re already well aware of the potential it holds, but also of the debate it has drummed up across the financial industries. Concerns with the cryptocurrency’s technology, volatility, potential for use and more have all driven more and more sceptical individuals to questioning whether there are […]

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investing / September 11th, 2018

SP: How Cryptocurrency Relates to the Real Estate Industry

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have been slowly changing the face of finance for some time now. Until recently, however, those transformations had largely flown under the radar. Until the recent explosion in the price of cryptocurrencies brought flood new investors to the marketplace, the world of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other alternative forms of […]

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investing / August 24th, 2018

Is Cryptocurrency a Long Term Investment?

With many popular Bitcoin Exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs in other major cities, the buying of digital currency is no longer a tough task. Investors need to select the best digital currency based on previous price trends. Are you also planning to invest? Here is how you should select the right digital currency for investment: Planning Digital Currency […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

Companies That Use Blockchain Technology

In the last few years, blockchain and other new technologies have been created to change the future of finance, money and more. The blockchain is a new concept that is making news everywhere, it is not only a technology that supports the function of digital currencies like Ether, Ripple, or Bitcoin-it has also the potential […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Why Blockchain Technology Is The Best

The potential of Blockchain technology is now known all over the world, nearly every industry is eager to implement it for its potential opportunities. However, there are still a few hurdles to jump before it can be used to create a transformative impact in different fields. Leaders of some of the major institutes around the […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Where Did Blockchain Technology Come From?

Computers organize and store information in a database, the most common one is called a relational database. An example of a relational database, is Excel Spreadsheets; it structures information in separate tables consisting of rows and columns. All these tables are then stored on hard disks or drives which can be accessed by servers from […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Where Can The Blockchain Be Used?

Both Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming popular around the world and many people are paying attention to it. Many believe both are synonymous, but in reality, there is much more to the Blockchain technology than only a payment option. Seeing the wide range of possibilities, use of blockchain technology is increasing throughout the world, many […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Will Blockchain Be The Future of Banking?

The rise of Blockchain technology is paving new roads for many new possibilities and options for the future of technology and business. Popular business groups like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft seem to be onboard with this new technology and are trying to bring it to the cloud environment. Even when not used with Bitcoin, Blockchain […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Why Is Blockchain Technology Revolutionary?

In the last few years, Bitcoin’s value has risen from just a few pennies to around $10,000. This huge increase in value is considered one of the reasons that this new concept is making a dent in a highly competitive market. There has been a huge acceptance of this new digital currency and it’s happening […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Did Blockchain Get Started?

When technological revolutions arrive, they can quickly change the lives of individuals, but sometimes these technologies are taken for granted at first. Technologies that are used today by most people, were also taken for granted when they were first starting out. For example, consider how smartphones have changed how people do everything these days. There […]

Information / April 7th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Reach One Million Dollars?

Bitcoin may have just taken a hit recently, but cryptocurrency experts have no doubts that Bitcoin will quickly make its way back to the top. Bitcoin’s recent price increase quickly grabbed the attention of many around the world, seeing this trend many Bitcoin users invested in this new digital currency. Cryptocurrencies are still new to […]

Information / April 7th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Be Banned?

Cryptocurrencies have been threatened at almost every point by nearly every country on this planet. The ones which are resorting to crackdowns met great public pushback for decentralized Bitcoins, making all the initial fuss useless. No matter the circumstance, Bitcoin cannot be stopped-it’s spreading like wildfire all over the world Governments Threatening to Ban Bitcoin […]

Information / April 6th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Reach $100,000?

Getting rich quickly, for the most part, is somewhat of a myth. Wealth is something that is built overtime, throughout someone’s life, by making smart investments. Stock markets for instance, gain around 10% annually, including reinvestment and inflation. But 2017, was a huge exception to this. Bitcoin was making news almost every single day and […]

Information / April 5th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Crash?

In just the last few months, the price of Bitcoin has plummeted to an all time low following a miserable start to 2018. The last year saw a huge rise in value of Bitcoin, breaking all previous records, but currently its value is decreasing. Experts believe Bitcoin a crash was always on the card and […]

BItcoin ATM / March 23rd, 2018

Bitcoin ATM Profitability Calculations

The popularity of Bitcoin is increasing and along with it many BTM kiosks are popping up in popular locations around the country. The Bitcoin ATM business is turning out to be more profitable than expected. In this article, two scenarios are shared based on the investment made with Bitcoin ATM machines. This estimation is taking […]

BItcoin ATM / March 23rd, 2018

Investing Responsibly in Bitcoin

The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin is grabbing the attention of many digital currency enthusiasts from around the world. Bitcoin is making news everywhere and it has successfully attracted a lot of new investors. Chicago Bitcoin ATM kiosks are now available in popular cities around the world; it makes buying the digital currency […]

BItcoin ATM / March 22nd, 2018

Bitcoin ATM Profitability Estimates for New Investors

Bitcoin ATM business is speeding up, many investors from around the world are showing interest in this venture. However, randomly starting any venture is not an easy task; this is where it is important for you to know estimations. A Indianapolis, Indiana Bitcoin ATM estimation will help you understand the important things about the business […]

BItcoin ATM / March 21st, 2018

Participating in the Digital Currency Economy

The Bitcoin economy is increasing fast, more individuals are showing even more interest in the new digital payment system. One of the most interesting things about this digital currency is that more and more startups and beginning to use Bitcoins. Chicago Bitcoin ATM kiosks and online locations are available at central locations. Bitcoin users can […]

Information / March 12th, 2018

How Do Bitcoin Futures Work?

What Are Bitcoin Futures? Futures are not merely for physical assets, they can be used on financial assets as well. Bitcoin Futures contracts are based on the price of Bitcoin and speculations on the value of Bitcoin in the future. This allows investors to speculate the price of Bitcoin without having to buy it. There […]

Information / March 12th, 2018

Why Does The Value Of Bitcoin Fall?

When Bitcoin first entered the market it seemed to be climbing with no stop in sight. That was until it tumbled to around $12,000. Bitcoin has been grabbing the attention of investors far and wide, especially since it is now climbing back up again. In 2017, the price of Bitcoin was soaring-it started at $964 […]

Infographics / February 21st, 2018

How do you make Money from Bitcoin?

Looking to earn some extra money or build your wealth portfolio? Bitcoin is definitely a good option for doing so. When most individuals think of making some money through Bitcoin, they actually mean investing and mining in this digital currency. But there are plenty of options available which you can use to generate Bitcoin and […]

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