Information / April 6th, 2018

Can Bitcoin Be Shut Down?

The world of Bitcoin is full of wild ups and downs. Many countries around the world are starting to enforce strict regulations to cut down the use of Bitcoins for all illegal purposes. Recently, South Korea is preparing to ban trading of virtual currencies, thus creating concerns among many digital currency users. People now are […]

Information / April 6th, 2018

Can Bitcoin Be Regulated?

Bitcoin is currently the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency that is quickly gaining popularity across the globe. This new digital currency provides instantaneous transfers all over the world, without involving any regulatory body or middleman, in just a matter of minutes. This digital currency comes along a wide range of features, but with its recent impact […]

Information / February 21st, 2018

Is Bitcoin legal in India?

There was a recent spike in Bitcoin’s value, and it was successful enough in attracting the attention of many investors. But there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the cryptocurrency ecosystem in India. The Narendra Modi Indian Government and Reserve Bank of India have made it sufficiently clear that they aren’t very comfortable with […]

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