future of bitcoin / February 10th, 2020

Bitcoin Surge: The Price of Bitcoin Hits $10,000

Bitcoin is finally back over $10,000 The price of Bitcoin finally hit $10,000. This is the highest price in four months. The big question is..will it continue to rise? According to Coin Desk, the price of Bitcoin was at $10,129 late Sunday. A ton of Bitcoin enthusiasts are actually predicting this price to rice even […]

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future of bitcoin / October 12th, 2018

Flexible Transactions with Cryptocurrency

Gone are the days when you need to convert your Bitcoins to dollars. Now there are many places where in fact people are buying Bitcoins using Bitcoin ATMs and online Bitcoin exchanges. Everyone is hoping for a quick get rich scheme but in fact there is a lot that goes into the technology behind Bitcoin. There […]

bitcoin exchange
future of bitcoin / October 10th, 2018

Scope of Cryptocurrency from Bitcoin Exchanges

Experts say that the value of Bitcoin is going to rise to $250,000. If this is the case, then there will be a lot of people who will be standing queues near the Bitcoin ATMs to complete transactions and even to buy more Bitcoins from bitcoin exchanges. More crypto enthusiants are taking a liking to Bitcoin […]

future of bitcoin / October 4th, 2018

Buy Bitcoins with Blockchain Technology

Looking to make innovations and searching for new technologies? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide great results and they help you to scale your business in multiple folds. Even though cryptocurrencies have come into the market a decade ago, the idea of trading cryptocurrencies and using Bitcoin ATMs is relatively new. With that being said there are […]

future of bitcoin / October 3rd, 2018

The Impact of the Current Price of Bitcoin in Everyday Life

When it comes to the trading world, some people are always interested in the current price of Bitcoin and for the introduction of Bitcoin ATMs in the market. There are many other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin which have noticed swings in their value, but the current price of Bitcoin has attracted investors’ attention. When Bitcoin was first discovered it […]

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future of bitcoin / September 26th, 2018

Boom in Bitcoin Commerce

Did you ever think there would be a day where you can use digital currencies without a central authority? Well, the day has come as digital currencies are more widespread and going mainstream. Online Bitcoin exchanges are emerging as well as Bitcoin ATM locations all over the world. Now, one can even find a Bitcoin […]

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future of bitcoin / September 25th, 2018

SP: Dash Coin: Price, Charts, Market Cap, and Other Metrics

Most cryptocurrencies exist on a public, transparent blockchain in which anyone can access and view information. Transactions are then made and shared with the entire blockchain. However, it is widely believed that transactions on blockchains like Bitcoin are private and anonymous. That is a false misconception, as a majority of currencies can be traced back […]

future of bitcoin / September 20th, 2018

SP: Interesting Facts about Bitcoin

If you had 10,000 bitcoins today, what would be the first thing you buy? A fast car, a mansion or maybe you could invest. In 2010, a bitcoin owner used his 10,000 bitcoins to purchase two pizzas. If you have heard the story before, you can’t blame the guy since bitcoin back then was worth […]

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future of bitcoin / September 18th, 2018

Are there reasons not to use Bitcoin?

For those of us keeping up with industry news, we’re already well aware of the potential it holds, but also of the debate it has drummed up across the financial industries. Concerns with the cryptocurrency’s technology, volatility, potential for use and more have all driven more and more sceptical individuals to questioning whether there are […]

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future of bitcoin / September 17th, 2018

What are the Pros and Cons of an Approved Bitcoin EFT

Bitcoin ETF. Two simple words, which when paired together, induce the most extraordinary of reactions. Dropped into the right channels, the words can tear apart well-knit communities, igniting a flame war that would put football fans to shame. Bandied about at other places, they can spark frenzied Bull runs, only to gore the excited matadors […]

future of bitcoin / September 17th, 2018

Relationships Between Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is rising around the world in various industries. It has multiple characteristics that beneficial for users. Even since the initial development stage, blockchain technology has show immense potential. This significant potential has been given birth to the idea of the Bitcoin in Chicago, IL. Its value is tremendously increasing and there is even […]

future of bitcoin / September 13th, 2018

How Cryptocurrency Helps Businesses Gain Profits

Did you ever think it was possible that there will be a decentralized cash system which will be of great use to everyone? As of 2008, a digital currency named Bitcoin was born. Now almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin or is buying Bitcoin. Even though its value is volatile, there are thousands of interested […]

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future of bitcoin / September 11th, 2018

SP: How Cryptocurrency Relates to the Real Estate Industry

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have been slowly changing the face of finance for some time now. Until recently, however, those transformations had largely flown under the radar. Until the recent explosion in the price of cryptocurrencies brought flood new investors to the marketplace, the world of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other alternative forms of […]

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future of bitcoin / September 10th, 2018

Conventional Banking and Blockchain Technology

One of the most significant threats towards the banking field today is technology. Technology is imminent in Bitcoin ATMs as well. You may think that it is coming from big technology companies such as Search engines Inc. (GOOG), Apple Inc. (AAPL), eBay Inc. (EBAY) or even Amazon. Inc. (AMZN), or through new monetary technology (FinTech) […]

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future of bitcoin / August 24th, 2018

Is Cryptocurrency a Long Term Investment?

With many popular Bitcoin Exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs in other major cities, the buying of digital currency is no longer a tough task. Investors need to select the best digital currency based on previous price trends. Are you also planning to invest? Here is how you should select the right digital currency for investment: Planning Digital Currency […]

future of bitcoin / August 24th, 2018

Evaluation of Litecoin

Bitcoin is going through an amazing run the last few years since its sudden rise in demand has created a cryptocurrency revolution in the market.  A good inflow of money through investors, as well as institutions, means that these types of alternative cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, are not under scrutiny anymore as investors look to shift […]

Mining Bitcoin / April 26th, 2018

How Is Cryptocurrency Mined?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular all around the world; people of all ages groups are excited about this new digital currency. Seeing its growing popularity, people are eager to know how digital currencies are created or mined. Some may envisage that digital currencies are dug out of the ground, but it isn’t a physical currency. Then […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

Are Blockchain Transactions Anonymous?

Bitcoin is becoming more popular than ever, an increasing number of online merchants from different places offer the option to pay using Bitcoin. Compared to traditional currency, there are numerous benefits offered with Bitcoin, one great promise of this blockchain technology is its anonymity. This means all transactions are recorded and made public, but they […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Does Blockchain Need The Internet To Work?

The Internet is a technological wonder that has made life easy for everyone. Many new ideas are being brought to light which can make using the internet even easier, thus simplifying the life of people everywhere. Now you can sit at home and order food, watch movies, shop for clothes, buy tickets, book hotel rooms, […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Can Blockchain Replace Banks?

Blockchain technologies are now one of the most discussed topic and come with wide range of facilities and features. Compared to traditional banks, blockchain has a lot to offer, making it ideal for all types of transactions. The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, that can be used in many places at once, where smart […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

What Blockchain Does Bitcoin Use?

Bitcoin is a new invention that has been making news everywhere because of its recent price surge. This price surge is garnering the attention of people everywhere and they are eager to invest in it. Experts, however, claim that it is the underlying technology that is creating this positive feedback. Blockchain technology is a unique […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain in 2018

Blockchain is an encrypted, decentralized, and immutable distributed ledger that has the potential of making all centralized activities, organizations and their processes fully autonomous. This means that Blockchain technology will eliminate intermediaries and authorities, thereby streamlining all businesses, non-profit activities, and governments. However, this technology has a long way to go before it can make […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

How To Use Blockchain Technologies

The blockchain is undoubtedly an ingenious invention that continues to make news everywhere. This Blockchain technology is the brainchild of a group of people or persons known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. As this technology is getting more attention everyday from millions around the world, the question being asked by many is: What is Blockchain? […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Remain The Platform For Blockchain Payments

In just the last year, we saw the wild ride of Bitcoin, which garnered the attention of millions around the world. The price of this digital currency surged to $20,000 and now in just the last couple months the price has dropped to some degree. It’s because of the volatile nature of Bitcoin, that the […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Where Can The Blockchain Be Used?

Both Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming popular around the world and many people are paying attention to it. Many believe both are synonymous, but in reality, there is much more to the Blockchain technology than only a payment option. Seeing the wide range of possibilities, use of blockchain technology is increasing throughout the world, many […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Can Blockchain Exist Without Bitcoin?

The recent fluctuation in digital currency prices has resuscitated the question of cryptocurrencies functioning as a store of value. Bitcoin saw a rise of around $20,000 and fell down to around $6,000 before rising again. Now the price of Bitcoin is hovering somewhere around the $9,000 region. The cryptocurrency price trend has been rising, falling, […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Can Blockchain Be Hacked?

It is difficult to read a tech blog or turn on the television without getting news about Bitcoin or Blockchain. One of the main reasons why Bitcoin is so popular is its 2,000% increase in price in just the last few years. It was Bitcoin’s popularity that made blockchain technology so popular and now it […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Is Blockchain The Future?

Blockchain is the next big technology craze that seems to be pushing the limits. Not many around the world are aware of this new concept, but it is already in the news. The rise of Blockchain technology is pushing digital limits to a whole new height and many major businesses groups around the world are […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

How Secure Is Blockchain?

Bitcoin may sound controversial to some, but it is a new technology that has grabbed the attention of people from around the world. What’s more interesting, is the infrastructure which underpins Bitcoin could turn out to be of bigger use in the banking sector than previously thought. This digital currency concept was first introduced in […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Can Blockchain Be Used?

Many people perceive the terms, cryptocurrency and blockchain to be synonymous, but in reality, there’s much more to the technology than just a payment mode. There are many uses of this blockchain technology that are developing and businesses from around the world are excited to use this technology to create a more progressive business model. […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Can Blockchain End Poverty?

The Blockchain is the latest technology that has been making news across the globe. In just the last few years, the rise of blockchain technology has been steadily increasing due to its unique concept and features. This new technology system is behind major digital currencies like, Ether and Bitcoin, but blockchain is much more than […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Does Blockchain Make Money?

The rise of Blockchain technology (Bitcoin) is now being compared to the rise of the internet. These new technologies offer a wide variety of opportunities to the world and Blockchain is no different. Experts believe that Blockchain is still in the early stages of its development and they are trying to figure out how to […]

Information / April 7th, 2018

Can Bitcoin Collapse?

Bitcoin was making headlines everywhere during 2017, but in 2018 things seem to be going south. There are concerns among digital currency users around the world relating to the regulatory “crackdown” on the digital currency market. South Korean news has recently reported that the Finance Minister is suggesting the government will be introducing measures to […]

Information / April 7th, 2018

Will Bitcoin Be Banned?

Cryptocurrencies have been threatened at almost every point by nearly every country on this planet. The ones which are resorting to crackdowns met great public pushback for decentralized Bitcoins, making all the initial fuss useless. No matter the circumstance, Bitcoin cannot be stopped-it’s spreading like wildfire all over the world Governments Threatening to Ban Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Purchases / April 6th, 2018

Can Bitcoin Be Traced?

Bitcoin is known for its anonymity and decentralization, two main features that garner the acceptance of this digital currency among people. But now it has come to light that Bitcoin transactions aren’t as anonymous as everyone had hoped. Web merchants routinely leak data about deals and this is enough to link individuals to their purchases. […]

Information / April 6th, 2018

Can Bitcoin Be Regulated?

Bitcoin is currently the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency that is quickly gaining popularity across the globe. This new digital currency provides instantaneous transfers all over the world, without involving any regulatory body or middleman, in just a matter of minutes. This digital currency comes along a wide range of features, but with its recent impact […]

Bitcoin Tax / March 13th, 2018

Are Bitcoin Transactions Taxed?

Unlike traditional currency, Bitcoin is not printed by a central bank, nor is this digital currency backed by a bank or government. Bitcoin uses a cryptographic encryption system to ensure secure storage and transfer from one account to another, usually referred to as a Blockchain. This digital currency is generated using a system called mining. […]

Mining Bitcoin / March 11th, 2018

Are Bitcoin Faucets A Dying Trend?

Bitcoin Faucets work as a reward system for Bitcoin users. These websites “reward” Bitcoin users with a percentage of Bitcoin, called Satoshi-which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC.  Earning free bitcoins can be appealing to many Bitcoin enthusiasts and may in fact be the reason that many are spending the bulk of their day […]

Information / February 16th, 2018

The Future of Bitcoin

Right now it’s a hot investment, but as a replacement for cash will it flourish or fail? Whether you see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as the future of money or a scam, the fact is it will be here to stay. Whether or not it will replace physical cash still has yet to be determined. […]

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