crypto / November 22nd, 2021

How Anonymous is Bitcoin, Really?

Cryptocurrencies have always appealed to those who are interested in free, decentralized, unmanipulated money. Many people have bought into the perception that this new form of money would provide complete and total anonymity and privacy. Since the early days, Bitcoin has had a reputation for being an untraceable payment method, available to all on the […]

crypto / November 12th, 2021

The Basics of Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain powered cryptocurrency, with its own native currency, Ether or ETH, and proprietary language called Solidity. Developed in 2015 by a small group of crypto pioneers, Ethereum has risen over the past decade to be the world’s number two cryptocurrency, second only to Bitcoin. Ethereum was developed by a group including […]

crypto / November 8th, 2021

How to Keep your Bitcoin Safe

Purchasing and exchanging crypto is easier, and more mainstream, than ever before. As blockchain technology becomes more integrated with the times, even a beginner can find comfort in how easy purchasing these assets has become. In most cases, simply link a debit card to an app and in minutes be a crypto investor. However, one […]

crypto / November 5th, 2021

The Future of Nightlife is Here: Bitcoin of America Adds Bitcoin ATM to Joy District Chicago

Popular Bitcoin ATM operator, Bitcoin of America, has announced their newest location in one of Chicago’s hottest nightclubs. Joy District is known for its nightclub/restaurant hybrid. It is located in the heart of River North and has been awarded as one of Chicago’s best and hottest rooftop bars. You can now socialize at Joy District […]

crypto / November 5th, 2021

Bitcoin and the Environment

One of the most hotly debated topics surrounding, not only Bitcoin, but the entire cryptocurrency industry is the environmental impact these new technologies have on our planet. The most prevalent discussion is around the proof-of-work validation mechanism, responsible for Bitcoin mining and transaction processing on the Bitcoin network. As of October 2021, there are roughly […]

crypto / November 4th, 2021

The Basics of Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Origins To properly illustrate how it came about, let’s start with the early beginnings of cryptocurrency, in contrast to traditional fiat currency, and how it works and serves a need in modern society. Some form of currency is necessary for humans to have an agreed upon medium of exchange with a level of inherent […]

crypto / October 18th, 2021

How to Buy Litecoin

Are you wondering how to buy Litecoin? If you are a crypto enthusiast, this question would have definitely crossed your mind. People who have tried their luck in cryptocurrency are well aware of the fact that Litecoin is one of the biggest names in this industry after Bitcoin. Although not matching the level of Bitcoin, […]

crypto / October 18th, 2021

What do Celebrities Think of Bitcoin?

The factor that sets Bitcoin apart, and allows it to stand far superior, to other cryptocurrencies is its massive adoption. This adoption can be seen in the form of daily inflows amongst retail traders, institutional investment, such as banks and pension funds, and embrace amongst world governments. If the adoption amongst everyone could be summed […]

crypto / October 14th, 2021

What is an NFT?

While the masses still digest the idea of a digital dollar or the possibility of a decentralized bank outside of the control of world governments or political powers, new opportunities in the crypto-verse are emerging every day. Although most people have heard of, and are growing accustomed to Bitcoin, it would be a disservice to […]

crypto / October 13th, 2021

5 Facts about Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become too big to fail. With interest in the digital payment network spanning from tech enthusiasts to individual retail traders, and now encompassing large institutional investment firms – most people agree the success of Bitcoin is inevitable. One doesn’t have to look very far to find massive support and adoption of the cryptocurrency, […]

crypto / October 13th, 2021

Major Businesses that Accept Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin, once a cypher-punk engineering fantasy, has now become a legitimate payment option for fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. The year 2021 has given Bitcoin a legitimacy and massive global adoption not yet seen in the cryptocurrency universe. This comes after Tesla’s Elon Musk announced in February, the luxury EV manufacturer would start accepting […]

crypto / October 11th, 2021

3 Common Misconceptions about Bitcoin

If there is one common denominator about human beings, it is that they are resistant to change. We are all creature of habit and at times seem to be stuck in that mundane thought pattern. Though this type of mentality may lead many to feel safe and secure in their decisions, it unfortunately often leads […]

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