Blockchain / June 24th, 2019

Visa’s Blockchain-Powered Business Payment Project is Live

Visa Inc, a United States based global payments technology, which was first made public in 2016, is now live. It aims to speed up cross-border payments with its business-to-business payment network launch, 11 June 2019, calledVisa B2B Connect. In 2016, Visa announced its plans of having a blockchain powered business-to-business payment service. Visa initially worked […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2019

Use of Blockchain Technology for Reputation Management

With time social networking platforms are becoming more popular and thus playing a larger role in every individual’s lives. Businesses of all scales are making their online presence felt. A few years back hardly anyone knew about Instagram, Twitter or Facebook but now these platforms are frequently used. For all the latest news and trends, […]

Blockchain / April 15th, 2019

How Blockchain Technology Helps Appraise Luxury Goods

Blockchain technology is a concept which is expected to change many sectors. The new feature of Blockchain technology is its use in checking the quality of luxury goods, a feature which will help many customers around the world. Do you have many luxurious items forgotten on your closet or basement? Do you doubt if these […]

Blockchain / March 28th, 2019

Blockchain Technology: Buy with Bitcoin

Blockchain is a public ledger which automatically records and verifies transactions. It’s the technology behind all popular digital currencies. People nowadays are opting to buy with Bitcoinall basic items or services, thanks to several merchants and platforms accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Apart from being the technology behind digital currency Blockchain is finding enough […]

Blockchain / March 20th, 2019

How Blockchain Technology Changes the Education System

Blockchain technology is the backbone behind most cryptocurrencies, it’s a public ledger which automatically records and verifies transactions to let consumers buy Bitcoinonline. It’s the technology underlying popular digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Not many are aware of the fact that Blockchain technology is transforming many industries around the world. This new technology assures […]

Blockchain / January 18th, 2019

Bitcoin Scams to Beware

In an age of evolving Financial Technology (FinTech) solutions, scammers and frauds are also quickly adapting to the changes in order to stay abreast. Several companies and organizations have been coming up with cryptocurrency related inventions in order to increase the penetrability of and access to digital currencies. These innovations include Bitcoin ATMs such as those put […]

Blockchain / January 16th, 2019

Cryptocurrency in 2019: Things to Expect

Cryptocurrencies continue to surprise us with their behavior through the years. Amidst all the instability and unpredictability in terms of performance, trading, litigation, regulation, and taxation, miners and investors brave the odds and explore what these cryptocurrencies have to offer. Pessimists and optimists alike have much to say about the future of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin […]

Blockchain / January 11th, 2019

Bitcoin Scandals When You Sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and because of its popularity more and more merchants are accepting this digital currency But recent scandals and infighting with Bitcoin cash is threatening this popular cryptocurrency. More and more users are starting to buy and sell Bitcoin online. In the beginning Satoshi Nakamoto came up […]

Blockchain / January 8th, 2019

Blockchain Application in Society

If your online objective is to use the internet to secure assets, then you must have knowledge about Blockchain technology. This increase in technology is driving users to Bitcoin Exchange in Los Angeles. All valuable items are stored in an encoded format which allows for transparency and security. The chances for the theft are much […]

Blockchain / December 20th, 2018

How to Buy Bitcoin Using a Bitcoin Exchange

Are you looking to find more information on how to buy Bitcoin? Then you’ve come to the right place! All these exchanges have the limits based on every account and the type of the payment that is chosen. Customers can chose to verify their account into different tiers which allow the user to buy more […]

Blockchain / December 12th, 2018

BTM Expansion to Milwaukee, WI

Launched in 2014, the Chicago-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bitcoin of America, has taken a bold step despite the currently bear crypto market. The platform is expanding its crypto buying and selling services from its headquarters to other cities in the U.S. One of the areas is a BTM Expansion to Milwaukee, WI. Bitcoin and other […]

Blockchain / December 11th, 2018

When is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are creating a lot of charm in the market. Right now, its not only the techies who buy and sell crypto, but a lot of others who are showing interest. With the increase in the value of the Bitcoin, there are different Bitcoin Exchanges that has entered the market. Also, […]

ATM Bitcoin
Blockchain / October 25th, 2018

Advantages of Using a Bitcoin ATM

The numbers of individuals who use Bitcoin has dramatically increased. Because of this Bitcoin ATM operators are making it easier to use their machines with a friendly interface. They are unique to each machine and are helpful for consumers. The goal of these interfaces is to make buying Bitcoin simple, safe, and secure. Easy Way […]

Blockchain / October 18th, 2018

Why Startups Like Blockchain Technology

Do you know that the fundraising strategies are going to change as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies come into the market? All startups are now working on selling their own coins as a token of the services instead of selling the equity and getting more use out of blockchain technology. For every business model, the ICO is […]

Blockchain / October 17th, 2018

Is Bitcoin Legal? – Untold Story of Bitcoins and Altcoins

There are many other cryptocurrencies that are right now present in the market. If you are wondering how these cryptocurrencies are classified, then you must understand that blockchain brings all these together. However, many users wonder is Bitcoin Legal?  As there is a lot of popularity and market capital for the Bitcoin, there are other […]

Blockchain / October 9th, 2018

Applications of Blockchain by Using a Bitcoin ATM in Dallas, TX

If you want to provide a layer of error protection for your business, then you must make use of the immense potential of the blockchain. This is useful for every business transactions to streamline the paper trails. Think of investing in the Bitcoin and blockchain technology and with this, there are major chances for your […]

Blockchain / October 8th, 2018

Blockchain: The Next Big Thing

Everyone is talking about blockchain technology, but the reality is that very few people actually know what it is and why it is being used. Businesses from around the world are describing blockchain as the next big idea and that it has the potential to do much more than just being used for digital currencies. […]

Blockchain / October 4th, 2018

Buy Bitcoins with Blockchain Technology

Looking to make innovations and searching for new technologies? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide great results and they help you to scale your business in multiple folds. Even though cryptocurrencies have come into the market a decade ago, the idea of trading cryptocurrencies and using Bitcoin ATMs is relatively new. With that being said there are […]

ATM Bitcoin
Blockchain / September 28th, 2018

Using ATM Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash

Most crypto enthusiasts have some knowledge when it comes to Bitcoin cash even if you are new to digital currency. In fact, Bitcoin Cash is cheaper and very safe to use. Because of the increase in demand, ATM Bitcoin are popping up all over the country and are offering Bitcoin Cash for sale as well. With […]

bitcoin cash
Blockchain / September 27th, 2018

BCH versus BTC

Bitcoin practically doesn’t need an introduction anymore because of its popularity. Now consumers buying Bitcoin in major cities with Bitcoin ATM in Cleveland, OH to purchase clothes, jewelry and other services. Some merchants are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in their store locations. Bitcoin users believe the value of cryptocurrencies will continue to rise […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 25th, 2018

SP: 4 Tips for Successful Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is becoming common with the passage of time. More and more people are getting into its business by trading it and investing a hugea mount of money into it. Other then Bitcoin, there are many such currencies, such as Ethereum, for which you will find guideline about how to buy […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 25th, 2018

SP: Dash Coin: Price, Charts, Market Cap, and Other Metrics

Most cryptocurrencies exist on a public, transparent blockchain in which anyone can access and view information. Transactions are then made and shared with the entire blockchain. However, it is widely believed that transactions on blockchains like Bitcoin are private and anonymous. That is a false misconception, as a majority of currencies can be traced back […]

Blockchain / September 21st, 2018

Will Bitcoin Price Rise in the Future?

Are you interested to know what Bitcoin price will be in the future? With the demand and awareness for Bitcoin, more and more people are getting involved in cryptocurrencies. The fact is, the price or the value of the bitcoin will always be determined by supply and demand in the market. It is only when […]

Blockchain / September 20th, 2018

SP: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Bitcoin?

Since the launch of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has been gaining its’ popularity all over the world. In 2009, Bitcoin was just a cryptocurrency. Nowadays, it’s a sensation, an innovation, and a promising financial tool for the future.  Almost 22 million users have set up wallets globally, and that number is rising. According to recent research, almost 5% […]

Blockchain / September 20th, 2018

Importance of Blockchain Technology in Digital Payments

Have you ever heard about blockchain? And do you wonder what exactly it is and who benefits by it? There are many industries making use of the blockchain and revolutionizing their businesses. Blockchain is a distributed database which tracks the blocks with a time stamp. Each block is an organized set of records which have […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 17th, 2018

What are the Pros and Cons of an Approved Bitcoin EFT

Bitcoin ETF. Two simple words, which when paired together, induce the most extraordinary of reactions. Dropped into the right channels, the words can tear apart well-knit communities, igniting a flame war that would put football fans to shame. Bandied about at other places, they can spark frenzied Bull runs, only to gore the excited matadors […]

Blockchain / September 17th, 2018

Relationships Between Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is rising around the world in various industries. It has multiple characteristics that beneficial for users. Even since the initial development stage, blockchain technology has show immense potential. This significant potential has been given birth to the idea of the Bitcoin in Chicago, IL. Its value is tremendously increasing and there is even […]

Blockchain / September 13th, 2018

How Cryptocurrency Helps Businesses Gain Profits

Did you ever think it was possible that there will be a decentralized cash system which will be of great use to everyone? As of 2008, a digital currency named Bitcoin was born. Now almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin or is buying Bitcoin. Even though its value is volatile, there are thousands of interested […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 11th, 2018

SP: How Cryptocurrency Relates to the Real Estate Industry

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum have been slowly changing the face of finance for some time now. Until recently, however, those transformations had largely flown under the radar. Until the recent explosion in the price of cryptocurrencies brought flood new investors to the marketplace, the world of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other alternative forms of […]

buy- bitcoin
Blockchain / September 11th, 2018

General Overview of Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the virtual IOU that represents ownership in the form of the digital concept. A simple protocol which maintains the balances of the bitcoin is even usually referred as bitcoin. These two aspects are considered the two components of buying bitcoin. In these days, most of the payments are held electronically where there is […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 10th, 2018

Conventional Banking and Blockchain Technology

One of the most significant threats towards the banking field today is technology. Technology is imminent in Bitcoin ATMs as well. You may think that it is coming from big technology companies such as Search engines Inc. (GOOG), Apple Inc. (AAPL), eBay Inc. (EBAY) or even Amazon. Inc. (AMZN), or through new monetary technology (FinTech) […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 5th, 2018

OTC Bitcoin Exchange Reimagined

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow, more and more of the general population are exposed to and interested in purchasing Bitcoin and other altcoins. Despite the massive growth of the space over the past year, methods for first purchases are still limited and largely confusing. Bitcoin of America is seeking to change this, […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / September 4th, 2018

Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Digital E-Payments

The thought of combining messaging and repayments isn’t brand new but it is now being associated with buying Bitcoin. Chinese organization Tencent has created WeChat (a messaging app) wherever users can transfer cash to other customers. One business, Obsidian, has established a type of system regarding messaging as well as payments with each other. The […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / August 23rd, 2018

Addressing Cryptocurrency Misconceptions

Crypto is outperforming almost every other conventional investment at the moment, yet it is still broadly misunderstood and unpredictable because most people do not have the right knowledge. Many consumers buy Bitcoin without knowing exactly what they are doing. One of the most significant myths encircling cryptocurrency is it has no value or even practical application. […]

Blockchain / August 22nd, 2018

When Do You Cash Out Your Bitcoin?

In the last couple of years, the rise of digital currencies such as Bitcoin has increased substantially, given the interest in capital spend, trading volume level, public attention and several laws. More and more consumers have been buying Bitcoin. This could be the time where brand new users can encounter trouble. There are multiple methods […]

Blockchain / August 20th, 2018

Methods to Invest in Cryptocurrency

With a rise in Bitcoin price during the last few years, it is providing an opportunity for investors to flow their money into cryptocurrencies and buy Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects accomplished impressive earnings as well as dramatic declines. There are presently numerous other alternative cryptocurrencies available from Bitcoin Exchanges known as altcoins. Often the latest […]

Blockchain / August 17th, 2018

Uses of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency uses certain encrypted codes for transactions. These codes affect transactions and are recognized by the different computers. This is perhaps the substitute of paper money. The account of the buyer is debited and the account of the seller is credited using these currencies.  Why is Cryptocurrency so Popular? In the recent years, more users […]

Blockchain / August 17th, 2018

How Blockchain Technology Makes Bitcoin Safe and Transparent

After a few years of Bitcoin craze, some attention seems to have shifted towards Blockchain technology seeing its long term gains. Several Blockchain based startups and businesses are coming up in the market with new prospects. Blockchain technology is still relatively new in the market with tremendous potential. Apart from being the underlying technology behind […]

bitcoin atm chicago
Blockchain / August 13th, 2018

Rise of Bitcoin ATMs

The craze for Bitcoin is visible everywhere, millions of digital currency enthusiast are lined up to buy bitcoins and other digital currencies. Online trading platforms, such as Bitcoin of America are getting a huge response. Bitcoin ATMs make the process easier and cost efficient. Using Bitcoin ATMs in Chicago and other cities digital currency enthusiast […]

Blockchain / August 13th, 2018

Do You Need a Bitcoin Broker?

Bitcoin is a new currency system, which has gained prominence in the financial market. This new currency is gaining popularity because of its peer to peer system powered by users within the network without involving any central authority or intermediaries. Bitcoin is completely different from traditional currencies and also comes with a range of benefits. […]

Blockchain / August 13th, 2018

Outside Influences of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become popular across the globe. Developed countries are taking initiative to legalize digital currencies. Russia has been against the use of digital currency, but some lawmakers are supporting the use of bitcoin for investments. This new craze is making it easier for consumers to  buy bitcoin online. In the last few months, several […]

Blockchain / August 11th, 2018

Bitcoin Down Under

Bitcoin popularity is pushing businesses around the world to install ATM machines in prime cities around the world. In the last couple of years, the number of ATM machines have increased rapidly due to its growth of digital currencies. Recently, a Bitcoin machine was installed and it has already helped people access digital currencies fast. Unlike […]

atm bitcoin
Blockchain / August 8th, 2018

Rise of Bitcoin ATMs around the World

The number of ATM bitcoin is increasing rapidly. Several startups and restaurant owners are coming up with the idea to install ATM machines in prime locations. This is definitely positive news for digital currency users in this part of the world where the government is against this new concept. 100 new Crypto ATMs coming up in […]

difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin.
Blockchain / August 6th, 2018

World’s Largest ATM manufacturing firm Takes Interest in Bitcoin

Buying digital currency is getting both easy and convenient. Popular online trading platforms and ATM bitcoin have helped with this progress. With vendors from different places adding support for cryptocurrency, the need for ATM machines is increasing. Bitcoin trading exchanges, such as Bitcoin of America are available, but ATM machines make the task easier. One […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / August 6th, 2018

How to Stay Informed with the Ever Changing Technology of Cryptocurrency

From the outside, cryptocurrencies seem to be a popular investment which are gaining popularity around the world. Since its inception, Bitcoin ATMand digital currency exchanges are gaining acceptance due to the simple concept and range of features offered. Today, many news and magazines are filled with articles about Bitcoin and digital currencies. Online chatrooms around […]

Blockchain / August 3rd, 2018

Companies That Use Blockchain Technology

In the last few years, blockchain and other new technologies have been created to change the future of finance, money and more. The blockchain is a new concept that is making news everywhere, it is not only a technology that supports the function of digital currencies like Ether, Ripple, or Bitcoin-it has also the potential […]

Blockchain / August 3rd, 2018

Digital Currency outside of the United States

Bitcoin is a phenomenon, which is creating conflicting emotions among many around the world. With this new concept, many seem to be elated, excited, worried, and in doubt. Governments are facing a whole lot of pressure to regulate this new currency system. Western countries are “concerned” about the use of Bitcoin in illicit activities, making […]

difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin.
Blockchain / August 1st, 2018

Bitcoin Around the World

Bitcoin has become a phenomenon. In the last few years, its popularity reached new heights, thanks to growing prices on the global market. Online exchanges are helping consumers buy bitcoins are arising in many cities around the world; few governments are still not sure how to act. Many governments are concerned about how to regulate new […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / July 31st, 2018

Good to Know Facts About Digital Currencies

By now Bitcoin is the most common term but there are still many who are not clear about this concept. Simply defined, digital currencies are peer to peer, a decentralized digital system which gives all online users the option to process transactions online. It’s a virtual currency which can be used for all day to […]

Bitcoins As Payment
Blockchain / July 31st, 2018

Blockchain Wallets

Without blockchain wallets, digital currencies would just be another idea. It is because of blockchain wallets that digital currency users can use their digital currencies to buy products or services. Digital currencies need a medium so that people can access, send, store, or receive their money safely and efficiently. With the growing demand for digital […]

Blockchain / July 29th, 2018

Who Invented Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is evolving into one of the best innovations of its time and in turn it is garnering the attention of businesses from around the world. The recent price increase of Bitcoin grabbed the attention of the underlying technology. But the idea of blockchain technology can be traced all the way back to 1991. […]

Blockchain / July 23rd, 2018

Is Now the Best Time to Start Trading Cryptocurrency?

In today’s digital age new technology is being developed and released every day, many of which have ramifications in existing industries. Cryptocurrency is one of these new technologies that is changing the face of business as we know it. Bitcoin ATMS have become increasingly popular among traders. It is a revolutionary concept which has created […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / July 17th, 2018

Bitcoin Investment; Is it the Right Time to Buy?

There is a growing buzz and interest in digital currencies today, people from around the world are using it on regular basis for a variety of financial needs. Initially Bitcoin was not viewed as a reliable investment tool, but the recent price trends have grabbed the attention of millions throughout the world. People are looking […]

Blockchain / July 16th, 2018

How to Collect Bitcoins for Online or Offline Transactions

The popularity of digital currencies is known to most at this point, one can easily see this for themselves simply by the number of Bitcoin ATM near me. In the United States the number of ATM machines are increasing considerably and it’s all because of the increasing transactions. If you are concerned about how to […]

BItcoin ATM / July 6th, 2018

Applications of Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous computer programmer who created buzz around the world. The blockchain is now a sensation of the internet dominating headlines everywhere. This new technology was conceptualized in the year 2008 but now is finding use in several other fields. Experts believe Blockchain is a massive innovation […]

BItcoin ATM / July 5th, 2018

Top Industries Unlocking the Values from Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a revolution which is taking the whole world by storm. In days to come it will transform industries, enhance customer experience, and most importantly revolutionize trust across businesses. The popularity of Bitcoin and Bitcoin ATM in Detroit, MI are already showcasing the usefulness of this new concept in banking industries. This distributed ledger […]

BItcoin ATM / June 21st, 2018

New Bitcoin of America Bitcoin ATM Location: Pratt Liquor-1812 W Pratt St Baltimore

Many people have started understanding the importance of Bitcoin as its emerging from the growing number of transactions everywhere. Digital currency transactions are breaking all previous records thus making it a clear sign that Bitcoin popularity is on the rise. Consumers can now use to buy products and services almost anywhere making it similar to […]

Blockchain / June 19th, 2018

Prospects of Blockchain Technology

The term blockchain is quite common now; it is used often in corporate and social conversations. Though a good number of consumers are aware of the term Blockchain, still the majority of the population has no idea what it means. Blockchain technology recently gained popularity because of Bitcoin and now its use is increasing in […]

buy bitcoin
Blockchain / June 3rd, 2018

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency used by investors and traders worlwide. With its rising popularity, Bitcoin seems to be everywhere. You can’t pass a conversation without someone talking about cryptocurrency or their recent Bitcoin purchase. With the rise of Bitcoin, there is a substantial rise in online trading platforms that make it easy […]

Blockchain / May 23rd, 2018

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies are buzzing around the world, whether you are in the media or internet. In today’s time, it is one of the craziest and exciting things to happen that comes along with wide range of features and options. The best thing about digital currency is that it can be used like traditional currencies and […]

Infographics / April 28th, 2018

Infographic: 16 Blockchain Disruptions

Blockchain is undeniably one of the hottest and disruptive technologies that have been created in the 21st century. This inforgraphic, courtesy of, illustrates how blockchain works.

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

How Do Cryptocurrency Markets Work?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized, encrypted digital currency that can be transferred between peers through a process called “mining”. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, work in a simplified process. Here are some of the important things about cryptocurrencies that you need to know: Public Ledgers From the start of the cryptocurrency creation, to confirmed transactions, everything is stored […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

Are Blockchain Wallets Safe?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular every day, but before you start owning any, make sure you have a wallet to store it safely. Cryptocurrencies are stored in the digital wallet. These wallets hold the private key that help you to access your Bitcoin address, also known as the public key. Many blockchain […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

Are Blockchain Transactions Anonymous?

Bitcoin is becoming more popular than ever, an increasing number of online merchants from different places offer the option to pay using Bitcoin. Compared to traditional currency, there are numerous benefits offered with Bitcoin, one great promise of this blockchain technology is its anonymity. This means all transactions are recorded and made public, but they […]

Blockchain / April 26th, 2018

Are Blockchain Stocks A Good Investment?

In the last few years, blockchain and other technologies are emerging and are expected to change the future of finance and money. Blockchain technology is known for its long drawn benefits; it is the underlying concept behind digital currencies and also has the potential to revolutionize marketplaces, as well as, the process of transferring and […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Should I Use Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is an innovative concept that is drawing the interest of major businesses and companies from around the world. It is still in its early stages, but it is good enough to make news all over the world. Developers have started asking, whether blockchain will have a transformative effect on all settled jobs. The […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Which Blockchain Does Bitcoin Use?

Blockchain has been making some noise for quite some time now; it’s a new technology that is proving to be important for various industries throughout the world. Many industry leaders from around the world are paying close attention to blockchain technology; it’s all because of its potential and unique concept that make it so appealing […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Where Is Blockchain Stored?

Blockchain technology is rapidly growing in importance and it’s easy to see why. From the hype around digital currency in 2017, to the increasing adoption of blockchain solutions in business in 2020, this decentralized technology is rapidly growing in importance. So while blockchain may operate largely in the background, whether you are new to bitcoin […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Does Blockchain Need The Internet To Work?

The Internet is a technological wonder that has made life easy for everyone. Many new ideas are being brought to light which can make using the internet even easier, thus simplifying the life of people everywhere. Now you can sit at home and order food, watch movies, shop for clothes, buy tickets, book hotel rooms, […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Can Blockchain Technology Fail?

Blockchain technology is one of the most talked topics of right now. Like the internet, blockchain technology is considered to bring revolutionary technological advances in many different fields. Some people, however, are not comfortable with the rising popularity of blockchain technology, they believe blockchain is a scam. Several articles and blogs have been published claiming […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Can Blockchain Be Traced?

Blockchain technology is an innovative concept that is slowly garnering the attention of major businesses and companies around the world. This technology is known for its anonymity, but it is still a matter of concern, whether blockchain transactions can be traced or not. The answer may surprise many blockchain technology users, but it can be […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Can Blockchain Replace Banks?

Blockchain technologies are now one of the most discussed topic and come with wide range of facilities and features. Compared to traditional banks, blockchain has a lot to offer, making it ideal for all types of transactions. The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, that can be used in many places at once, where smart […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Can My Blockchain Wallet Be Hacked?

Blockchain technology is becoming a trend all around the world; millions of people are using this new mode of payment. But before you start using blockchain wallet, there are few things to clarify. Can blockchain wallets be hacked? This is one important concern among several digital currency users. A few months ago, news about a […]

Blockchain / April 25th, 2018

Can Blockchain Strengthen The Internet’s Security?

Blockchain technology is evolving as the next big thing, that is now considered for strengthening the “internet of things”. The world is full of devices that are connected to each other, many new devices are being created daily. In 2017, it was estimated that there was around 8.4 billion internet-enabled cameras, thermostats, streetlights and various […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

How Will Blockchain Transform The World?

We are now in a new phase in this world, where technology is changing the world. Technological innovation is taking control all over and making sure that human error is controlled or non existent. Every day new technological advancements are taking place at every corner of the globe; Blockchain is one evolution that is expected […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

Does Blockchain Mean The End For Traditional Banks?

Blockchain technology is slowly making its way to traditional banking systems, thanks to its unique concept that will make transactions safe and cost-efficient. Compared to the banking systems or services, blockchain technology has a lot to offer. But does that mean blockchain technology will kill off traditional banks and their systems? It’s tough to comment […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

What Blockchain Does Bitcoin Use?

Bitcoin is a new invention that has been making news everywhere because of its recent price surge. This price surge is garnering the attention of people everywhere and they are eager to invest in it. Experts, however, claim that it is the underlying technology that is creating this positive feedback. Blockchain technology is a unique […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

Companies That Use Blockchain Technology

In the last few years, blockchain and other new technologies have been created to change the future of finance, money and more. The blockchain is a new concept that is making news everywhere, it is not only a technology that supports the function of digital currencies like Ether, Ripple, or Bitcoin-it has also the potential […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

Blockchain: The New Sharing Economy

Everyone is talking about blockchain technology, but the reality is that very few people actually know what it is and why it is being used. Businesses from around the world are describing blockchain as the next big idea and that it has the potential to do much more than just being used for digital currencies. […]

Bitcoin Wallet / April 24th, 2018

Blockchain Wallets

Without blockchain wallets, digital currencies would just be another idea. It is because of blockchain wallets that digital currency users can use their digital currencies to buy products or services. Digital currencies need a medium so that people can access, send, store, or receive their money safely and efficiently. With the growing demand for digital […]

Blockchain / April 24th, 2018

How Do Blockchain Transactions Work?

Blockchain technology is one of the latest innovations and it is getting a response from around the world. It is the underlying technology behind digital currencies(Bitcoin) which has been making the news last year for its sudden price surge. Apart from digital payments, blockchain technology has tremendous potential which is one of the reasons it […]

Blockchain / April 20th, 2018

How Does Blockchain Store Files?

Blockchain is a new technological revolution that is taking the world by surprise. Over time, many interesting facts and uses of Blockchain technology are coming to the surface, making it widely popular with businesses and people, alike. Blockchain is quickly becoming a robust, reliable, and secure data storage facility. This secure and immutable data storage […]

Blockchain / April 20th, 2018

How Are Blockchain Transactions Verified?

As the popularity of Blockchain technology increases, millions of people around the world are eager to know about its verification process. Blockchain technology is a new concept that is creating a buzz around the financial market. New reports suggest that this technology can benefit various other sectors, too. The Blockchain is a decentralized system that […]

Blockchain / April 20th, 2018

The Difference Between Blockchain And Bitcoin

It’s easy to understand why both of the terms ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘Blockchain’ often are used interchangeably. The blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin; it’s the platform for all digital currencies. Without blockchain technology, there wouldn’t be any Bitcoin. It is important to know that the possibilities and potential of Blockchain extend far beyond just cryptocurrencies. […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain in 2018

Blockchain is an encrypted, decentralized, and immutable distributed ledger that has the potential of making all centralized activities, organizations and their processes fully autonomous. This means that Blockchain technology will eliminate intermediaries and authorities, thereby streamlining all businesses, non-profit activities, and governments. However, this technology has a long way to go before it can make […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

How To Use Blockchain Technologies

The blockchain is undoubtedly an ingenious invention that continues to make news everywhere. This Blockchain technology is the brainchild of a group of people or persons known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. As this technology is getting more attention everyday from millions around the world, the question being asked by many is: What is Blockchain? […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Remain The Platform For Blockchain Payments

In just the last year, we saw the wild ride of Bitcoin, which garnered the attention of millions around the world. The price of this digital currency surged to $20,000 and now in just the last couple months the price has dropped to some degree. It’s because of the volatile nature of Bitcoin, that the […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Why Blockchain Technology Is The Best

The potential of Blockchain technology is now known all over the world, nearly every industry is eager to implement it for its potential opportunities. However, there are still a few hurdles to jump before it can be used to create a transformative impact in different fields. Leaders of some of the major institutes around the […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Where Did Blockchain Technology Come From?

Computers organize and store information in a database, the most common one is called a relational database. An example of a relational database, is Excel Spreadsheets; it structures information in separate tables consisting of rows and columns. All these tables are then stored on hard disks or drives which can be accessed by servers from […]

Blockchain / April 19th, 2018

Where Can Blockchain Technology Be Used?

Blockchain technology is becoming popular all around the world it is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ether. Most people think of blockchain as a just a payment system, but in reality, it’s much more than a that. The blockchain is an encrypted database of verified transactions that are unique to today’s market. The […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Where Can The Blockchain Be Used?

Both Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming popular around the world and many people are paying attention to it. Many believe both are synonymous, but in reality, there is much more to the Blockchain technology than only a payment option. Seeing the wide range of possibilities, use of blockchain technology is increasing throughout the world, many […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Can Blockchain Exist Without Mining?

Millions of people around the world perceive that the concept of “mining” for Bitcoin and blockchain are something similar, if not the same. However, Blockchain technology can exist without digital currency mining, but not many are currently aware of this. How is it implemented? Why do we need mining and how does it work? These […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Can Blockchain Exist Without Bitcoin?

The recent fluctuation in digital currency prices has resuscitated the question of cryptocurrencies functioning as a store of value. Bitcoin saw a rise of around $20,000 and fell down to around $6,000 before rising again. Now the price of Bitcoin is hovering somewhere around the $9,000 region. The cryptocurrency price trend has been rising, falling, […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Can Blockchain Be Hacked?

It is difficult to read a tech blog or turn on the television without getting news about Bitcoin or Blockchain. One of the main reasons why Bitcoin is so popular is its 2,000% increase in price in just the last few years. It was Bitcoin’s popularity that made blockchain technology so popular and now it […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Will Blockchain Be The Future of Banking?

The rise of Blockchain technology is paving new roads for many new possibilities and options for the future of technology and business. Popular business groups like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft seem to be onboard with this new technology and are trying to bring it to the cloud environment. Even when not used with Bitcoin, Blockchain […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

What Can Blockchain Be Used For?

Blockchain is a new technology that comes with amazing features and options. Often people rely on the database for storing and transferring information to one another. These databases are mainly owned by firms or companies that have access to all your private information, such as bank details, private messages and financial transactions on their systems. […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Is Blockchain The Future?

Blockchain is the next big technology craze that seems to be pushing the limits. Not many around the world are aware of this new concept, but it is already in the news. The rise of Blockchain technology is pushing digital limits to a whole new height and many major businesses groups around the world are […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

How Secure Is Blockchain?

Bitcoin may sound controversial to some, but it is a new technology that has grabbed the attention of people from around the world. What’s more interesting, is the infrastructure which underpins Bitcoin could turn out to be of bigger use in the banking sector than previously thought. This digital currency concept was first introduced in […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Why Blockchain Cannot Be Hacked

In today’s market, it is tough to find a tech blog or watch the news, without stories about blockchain technology. One of the main reasons behind Blockchain popularity is the recent price increase of Bitcoin, making the underlying technology globally popular. Businesses and other reputed companies around the globe are coming out of the woodwork […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Why Is Blockchain Technology Revolutionary?

In the last few years, Bitcoin’s value has risen from just a few pennies to around $10,000. This huge increase in value is considered one of the reasons that this new concept is making a dent in a highly competitive market. There has been a huge acceptance of this new digital currency and it’s happening […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

Why Is Blockchain So Important?

Bitcoin technology is now one of the most talked about technologies in the world, companies and business worldwide are beginning to show a huge interest in this innovative concept. Technological advancements are taking even bigger strides everyday and the use of it is becoming very important to the world’s economy. According to a recent study, […]

Blockchain / April 18th, 2018

How Blockchain Technology Can Change The World

Blockchain technology is making its way into many different arenas around the world, this new technology is expected to take the whole world by storm in the future. In a recent study, that was conducted among 4,800 professionals from around the globe almost, 70 percent were in favor of a new technology that would help […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Can Blockchain Be Used?

Many people perceive the terms, cryptocurrency and blockchain to be synonymous, but in reality, there’s much more to the technology than just a payment mode. There are many uses of this blockchain technology that are developing and businesses from around the world are excited to use this technology to create a more progressive business model. […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Can Blockchain End Poverty?

The Blockchain is the latest technology that has been making news across the globe. In just the last few years, the rise of blockchain technology has been steadily increasing due to its unique concept and features. This new technology system is behind major digital currencies like, Ether and Bitcoin, but blockchain is much more than […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Did Blockchain Get Started?

When technological revolutions arrive, they can quickly change the lives of individuals, but sometimes these technologies are taken for granted at first. Technologies that are used today by most people, were also taken for granted when they were first starting out. For example, consider how smartphones have changed how people do everything these days. There […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Does Blockchain Make Money?

The rise of Blockchain technology (Bitcoin) is now being compared to the rise of the internet. These new technologies offer a wide variety of opportunities to the world and Blockchain is no different. Experts believe that Blockchain is still in the early stages of its development and they are trying to figure out how to […]

Blockchain / April 17th, 2018

How Secure Is Blockchain?

Bitcoin is a controversial digital currency that continues to make news every day. Not many people find Bitcoin beneficial, but the infrastructure which underpins it could be of great use for the financial sector. Bitcoin was introduced for the first time in 2009, since then, it has sparked speculation about the future of finance. The […]

Information / April 3rd, 2018

The Blockchain Is Going To Change Humanity

Most people still do not understand the major impact that the Blockchain is going to have on humanity. The media are concentrating on cryptocurrencies that run on the Blockchain and are ignoring the massive breakthroughs that this new tech is creating. The main topic of debate in the media is the price of Bitcoin along […]

Information / March 28th, 2018

What Is Bitcoin & Why Does It Matter?

The recent trend in the push for digital currency has created a worldwide buzz. People from all around the globe are starting to notice that Bitcoin, the latest digital currency is changing the global financial market. Currently many goods and services both on and offline, can be bought with Bitcoin In 2008, a programmer named […]

Information / March 11th, 2018

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash Since the beginning of Bitcoin, there have been questions surrounding this digital currency. Every year, Bitcoin is becoming more popular and Bitcoin users are asking even more questions regarding Bitcoin’s ability to scale effectively. Bitcoin is a digital currency that exists within a network of computers, within a blockchain. This revolutionary ledger, records […]

Bitcoin Wallet / March 11th, 2018

Are Bitcoin Addresses Safe?

Bitcoin is this year’s buzzword and people have some questions. Among these questions is one of the most frequently asked questions, “What are Bitcoin addresses?” A Bitcoin Address is a vital piece of software that allow the digital currency and blockchain to work. There are two parts to the Bitcoin address, the public key and […]

Information / March 2nd, 2018

What is Ontology (ONT)? | Beginner’s Guide

This article by Erin Gorsline was originally published at and can be read here: What is Ontology? Launched by Chinese company Onchain in 2017, Ontology is a public platform for projects of all shapes and sizes, and is a giant step toward removing barriers between the blockchain and business sector. Ontology is revolutionary […]

Information / January 4th, 2018

How Bitcoin Works

  Bitcoin Wallet   If you’re new to using BItcoin it can be kind of confusing when you first start. But once you understand the basic concepts of Bitcoin like the Bitcoin Wallet, Blockchain, Mining, and more, you’ll be a pro in no time. Before you start using Bitcoin you need to get a Bitcoin […]

Information / December 5th, 2017

Bitcoin Cash Continues to Rise Against the Greenback

  Bitcoin Cash climbed by 17% against the dollar following the former’s integration to two other cryptocurrencies. Bitstamp, currently the 12th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, announced that it would be injecting Bitcoin Cash into its platform in December. Bitwalla, another major cryptocurrency, said that it would also allow its customers to hold Bitcoin […]

Blockchain / October 22nd, 2017

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain, referred to as “The Trust Machine” by an article from the Economist, is an undeniably innovative invention. Much like your car or cellphone, you don’t need to know how it works to use it. However, having a basic understanding of this decentralized technology won’t hurt. So if you’ve ever wondered “ What is Blockchain […]

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