SPONSORED: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Which Make a Worthy Investment This Year

July 29th, 2018

SPONSORED: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Which Make a Worthy Investment This Year

More and more people are becoming interested in cryptocurrencies. This is probably the most inspired investment in 2018, so if you still haven’t made this step it’s about time you do it. Of course, you cannot just jump with your head forward into the unpredictable crypto ocean.

Before you make any attempt to step on the path of cyber-money, you should know more about this domain. A thorough research will help you understand the concept and learn everything a crypto investor should know.

When the concept of virtual coin first appeared, people thought that a monetary system working completely independently, without depending on national banks, won’t stand. The first known crypto currency was Bitcoin, but since then other important names have joined the club of virtual coins.

Considering the number of options from the market, it’s hard to realize which the best cryptocurrency to invest in is. We want to help, so we have compiled a list with the top-5 virtual currencies available these days.

These cryptocurrencies make inspired investments in 2018


This is the safest option when it comes to cryptocurrencies. It has a particular set of skills which can turn it into a mainstream. This makes it a solid investment for the future. Since it works as a “distributed open source internet protocol”, it functions as a platform that supports real-time agreements, coin remittance and exchanges between currencies.

Ripple has a network with the capacity of supporting traditional currencies (dollars, pounds, euros and others) and cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it can process transactions with these currencies faster than any other platform without other involved parties and any costs.


In 2018, Ethereum might overtake Bitcoin and become the crypto with the largest market cap of all. As you can imagine, it’s a good investment, but you should try to learn more about it, because things can get complicated in this area.

  1. EOS

This virtual coin is one of 2018’s successful stories. It is a well-structured cryptocurrency which has the capacity to last and compete with Ripple for becoming the most commonly used. Some experts from the field think that EOS can even overtake Ethereum this year.


Litecoin can have a bright 2018 for various reasons like transaction speed, capacity and others. However, rumours say that this virtual coin will gain a lot of field thanks to a tie-in with PayPal, which is the most popular online payment system. We can understand how strong will become Litecoin if it joins forces with PayPal.


Even if Bitcoin’s price dropped a little, it still remains one of the best investment options in the cryptocurrency area, both on long and short term. Specialists from Blockchain Capital claim that Bitcoin might reach an individual value of $50,000 per coin in 2018. This could happen as a result of massive investments operated by institutions.



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