Rise of Bitcoin ATMs

August 13th, 2018

Rise of Bitcoin ATMs

The craze for Bitcoin is visible everywhere, millions of digital currency enthusiast are lined up to buy bitcoins and other digital currencies. Online trading platforms, such as Bitcoin of America are getting a huge response. Bitcoin ATMs make the process easier and cost efficient. Using Bitcoin ATMs in Chicago and other cities digital currency enthusiast can buy or sell Bitcoin in few seconds time. Exchange fee through these kiosks is nominal and it gives you the chance to purchase Bitcoins in instantly.

Growing number of ATMs

There are a vast number of Bitcoin ATM in Chicago and other cities across the country that allow you to buy, sell or both. Popular operators like Bitcoin of America ATMs are committed to user satisfaction; hundreds of users review these machines. The service provider ensures smooth functioning of the system keeping in mind 24/7 working or near timeframe for convenience. There are numerous corporations who have and are coming up with more ATMs in all prime locations across the United States. Bitcoin of America has over thirty machines installed in major cities and the operator is planning to add many new in coming days.

All those who are not having much knowledge about the cryptocurrencies can even make use of these ATMs and can have the pleasure of making profits and more fortune with their exchange. If Bitcoin is considered as the store of value, then in the future it is guaranteed that the value of the Bitcoin will reach high. This is considered as the safest virtual asset for many people as they need not have documents which must be explained if any authorities ask for.

Why use ATMs?

ATM machines are now everywhere, it gives you the freedom to buy or sell Bitcoin fast. If you are looking for the best and fastest way to buy or sell Bitcoins, then the best option for everyone is Bitcoin ATM in Chicago or other cities. The process is very easy and there are few Bitcoin ATMs which are completing the operation in just 15 seconds and providing the users either the cash or the Bitcoins which they need. This could be the reason for a lot of investment in the Bitcoin ATMs and for the increase in the number of ATMs in the present market.

In the past few months the number of ATM kiosks in this nation increased by huge margin, as per recent data it’s over 1200. Digital currency users can now locate nearest ATM kiosk from their smartphone or tablet and use it for digital currency trading. What’s more some popular Bitcoin ATM in Chicago are giving the option to trade Bitcoins for free; you don’t have to pay any exchange or transaction fee. Now this deal is garnering the attention of millions in the country. How about you?

If you are having the ATM in your area, then you will be very lucky as you can sell or buy the Bitcoins with great ease and can get rich very soon. As you will be getting a fair chance to buy the Bitcoins as the ATM is near you as soon as the price drops and can even sell it for a great price as the value rises. Many individuals prefer transaction via these ATM machines. From popular online portals like coinatmfinder.com you can easily locate nearest ATM and start using it.


The spurt of Bitcoin ATM in Chicagoor major cities is sure to continue with the ever-rising interest and transactions by the people. Thousands of people use Bitcoin ATM in all popular cities while 20 million people make up for the world. No intermediaries, governmental interference have made it a go-to currency for many with over 100,000 merchants even accepting payment in Bitcoins. This is an unprecedented growth of what could become a truly global currency.



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