OTC Bitcoin Exchange Reimagined

September 5th, 2018

OTC Bitcoin Exchange Reimagined

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow, more and more of the general population are exposed to and interested in purchasing Bitcoin and other altcoins. Despite the massive growth of the space over the past year, methods for first purchases are still limited and largely confusing. Bitcoin of America is seeking to change this, as their Over-the-Count Bitcoin exchange enables citizens throughout the US to purchase Bitcoin seamlessly.

For veterans in the cryptocurrency space, the notion that your first crypto purchase is still tedious and convoluted may seem asinine. However, a recent video exemplifies just this, for the general population (especially those in the US), cryptocurrency purchase are hard. That’s where Bitcoin of America comes in. Bitcoin of America is arming the population with a simple, secure, and straightforward service for exchanging Bitcoin.

Three Ways to Play

Bitcoin of America offers three methods for exchanging Bitcoin. The first method of exchange is a bank-to-bank wire transfer. Account creation with Bitcoin of America will enroll you in the banking functionalities offered by the service. You are able to wire money from traditional banking accounts to Bitcoin of America, alongside a Bitcoin address, to receive BTC. On first transaction, the service will confirm that you are prepared to make the transaction and all variables are correct, so that no slip ups may occur.

The next way to exchange Bitcoin is through Bitcoin of America’s Bitcoin ATMs. Coined Bitcoin Teller Machines, BTMs allow for Bitcoin exchange 24/7 in just minutes. Although Bitcoin of America is based in Chicago, there BTM coverage currently spans 9 locations in major cities throughout the US, and is continuously expanding. Customers can exchange Bitcoin with cash, credit, or debit card at any of the BTMs.

Lastly, Bitcoin of America’s services span to 1,900 store locations throughout the US. Through their Bitcoin of America account, users can place BTC orders that they later fulfill in store. Orders are time stamped so the exact rate of exchange is locked in. After placing the order, users simply make their payment at the store location closest to them in order to receive their BTC.

Utmost Ease

The three ways to exchange offered by Bitcoin of America allow users to purchase Bitcoin in whichever manner is easiest and most comfortable for them. In addition, Bitcoin of America offers live customer support 24/7. Articles and guides are often dated, confusing, and overall not entirely indicative of the problems faced by users. Bitcoin of America’s live support means that any issue that comes up can be addressed directly and in the best approach possible. Beyond this, same day settlement options means there is no wait for the eager to get involved with cryptocurrency exactly when they are ready to!


Original article posted here. https://cryptonewsmonitor.com/2018/08/25/bitcoin-of-america-otc-bitcoin-exchange-reimagined/

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