News and Updates from the Crypto World

March 28th, 2019

News and Updates from the Crypto World

Bitcoin and Blockchain are two hot topics garnering the attention of techies and enthusiasts from around the world. People of all age groups are eager toBuy Bitcoin, so several exchanges and apps are coming up to make trading easy. Constantly there are new updates are taking place which is drawing the attention of digital enthusiasts. Here are some of the recent updates from the crypto world:

Luxury Car Dealership Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment is now becoming common news, businesses of all scales are realizing the importance of digital currency now. Buy Bitcoin and use it to buy a car of your dreams now. The billionaire owner of NBA’s team Houston Rockets Tilman Fertitta recently announced that his luxury car dealership firm will start accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Post Oak Motor Cars is the name of the firm and it has already started gaining the attention of digital currency enthusiasts. Luxury car buyers from around the world can now purchase luxury cars using digital currencies. With this car dealer, you will find Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and many more other popular brands in one place. Rising popularity of Bitcoin is sparking interest among common people, now anyone can use digital currencies to own his or her dream car. What are you waiting for?

Popular Luxury Car dealers are willing to offer customers the best experience, the same with Tilman Fertitta. Now this new partnership of buying luxury cars using digital currency will excite many to purchase any popular cars faster and easier. 

Bitcoin is still new in the market but many prefer making payment using digital currencies. For larger purchases you can pay easily using Bitcoin and this new partnership will excite common people to buy popular luxurious cars. Post Oak Motors is in the business for a long time and they have the reputation of selling some of the best and luxurious cars. 

Basketball players to Earn in Crypto

Its quite common now that businesses are accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, but what if you learn that basketball players will now earn in cryptocurrencies? Many will be surprised knowing this but it will be a reality. Some Buy Bitcoin with credit card whereas few will be paid in crypto; this is the new trend as digital currencies come with long-term benefits. The WNBPA or Women’s National Basketball Players Association which is representing the female basketballers found a new way for its players. The association recently finalized an agreement with a brand named Sportscastr and they have invited players to give live commentary on the rage of college sports and other related topics. This will be a dedicated portal which will share all player contents, highlight player goals, and interviews. Fans from around the world can easily stream favorite or popular player videos through the portal. 

The platform allows both players and fans to interact with each other in real time, first of its kind in this game. Players can now engage young individuals and inspire them to join the game. This is an innovative technology and will help in drawing both players and fans closer to each other. Who doesn’t want to chat or discuss with his or her favorite player? In return to this agreement, players will receive fund in crypto. Quite a unique concept which will promote both the game and cryptocurrencies. 

Apart from these news Bitcoin price trends are always breaking headlines. After several days of maintaining a price surge finally, it lost around $1000. So far the year is not turning out to be so exciting for digital currency investors, but you never know things are too tough to assume here. Buy Bitcoin and start investing, its definitely the future currency which will bring many new changes to your lives.

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