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March 13th, 2018

Are you interested in becoming a Bitcoin ATM operator? Bitcoin is quickly becoming the most popular and most used digital currency to date. Due to its rise in popularity, investors around the world want to be a part of this new currency. Investing in a Bitcoin ATM is a smart way to ensure a high return rate on your investment in Bitcoin. As the need for Bitcoin increases, Bitcoin ATMs or BTM kiosks are popping up all over the world in every major city.

Guide to Examine Cryptocurrency ATM Market

Many investors are becoming more interested in Bitcoin. When you invest in a Bitcoin, you are investing in the future. Here is some helpful information to help get you started with this new venture:

  • Vaiex – Lamassu machine in London – Vaiex is operating a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machine at the Hemsai Food and Wine store in London. Data provided by the company shows that there have been a little over 300 Bitcoin transactions over a period of just six months! The average transaction was reported to be £100 each. The total revenue of this operation during this period of time was 30,000. The company is charging 4.9% in fees per transaction, so the total gross profit during this time was £1470 which averages out to about £245 per month. The overall cost of the machine was £5000, so it should take about 2 years time to get their investment back. However, the investors didn’t consider the cost of maintenance. According to experts this is a good example of an unprofitable location for a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM. The owner has claimed that the point wasn’t to make profit quick, but to rather bring more people wanting Bitcoins to his store.

The location of your Bitcoin ATM is the most important thing. It is something that will help you to get the attention of Bitcoin users and in the long run, increase your business turnover as well.

  • Two-way BitXatm machine in Switzerland – Bitcoin Suisse AG (2015) is the biggest Bitcoin ATM operator in Switzerland and the company has happily shared its performance details. As per the data collected by the firm, their Bitcoin ATM in Zurich does business of around 30-40K CHF every month. Their Bitcoin ATM in St. Gallen is showing that it collects around 20K CHF each month. By the time this article is publisher there will two new Bitcoin ATM machines in Basel and Bern to keep up with their customer’s needs.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin ATM machines bring huge possibilities to investors. Before you invest in a Bitcoin ATM there are a few things to consider. A Bitcoin ATM business needs to have an initial investment and a solid business plan. Because the demand for Bitcoins is increasing so heavily, Bitcoin ATM machines can be found in many popular cities worldwide. Make the most out of this opportunity and start out on a new venture to bring Bitcoins to people near you.


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