How to Use General Bytes ATM Kiosks

April 26th, 2019

The journey of Bitcoin over the years has been successful enough to make front page news headlines everywhere. Bitcoin was introduced in the market in 2009 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, and is a concept that has changed the whole financial world equation. Initially, this groundbreaking research didn’t get much attention, but as time went on it took the world by a storm. The idea of decentralized money is promising and people have started to show an immediate interest in it. Today, the price of 1 Bitcoin is over $10,000! Detroit Bitcoin ATM kiosks and online exchanges are everywhere to help users get easy access to this cutting edge technology.

Bitcoin Is Breaking Records

In the last few months, Bitcoin has been breaking records everywhere and it has now started to impact the world. In no time it has made people millionaires out of nowhere and this is grabbing the attention of people everywhere. It is a decentralized digital currency that is not tied to any government or organization, unlike other conventional currencies that are in circulation. So the question is – who manages or controls this digital currency? It’ us, the people. Detroit Bitcoin ATM kiosk sare now installed in most popular cities and many machines are available on the market. General Bytes is just one popular brand of BTM kiosks.

General Bytes Bitcoin ATM

From General Bytes there are two different types of Bitcoin ATMs available in the market: one is the BATMTwo at the Detroit Bitcoin ATM, this machine is a one-way device and the BATMThree Bitcoin ATM machine which is a two-way device.

if you are going to use this ATM machine and want to sell Bitcoins, go through these following steps:

  • First, select the “Sell Bitcoins” option from the menu.
  • Now define the amount of money you want to sell (based on the amount there are different verification procedures, for instance, fingerprint scanning, mobile check by SMS, and ID document scanning)
  • After that, a receipt will be printed, which will have the Bitcoin address where those particular Bitcoins are to be sent. However, in the same QR code, there will also be a redeem code adding option which can be used later for getting cash from the Bitcoin ATM machine.
  • Now send the bitcoins to the given address and wait(this is based on how many confirmations necessary for that operator).
  • Then use the Detroit Bitcoin ATM machine again, make sure you select “Redeem Ticket” option to start as well as scan the same QR code from the receipt, within few seconds you will receive cash.

With some of the popular online portals you can easily locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM for both selling and buying purposes. An Bitcoin ATM map is easy to use, and you get the chance to locate Bitcoin machines around your place.

Many Bitcoin ATM machines are available in the market.Learn how to use these machines for buying or selling of digital currencies.

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