How to Set up a Bitcoin Wallet?

March 24th, 2021

How to Set up a Bitcoin Wallet?

How to set up a bitcoin wallet?

It is 2021 already, and cryptocurrencies exchange has been becoming common by the hour. Every investor out there wants to set up a bitcoin wallet and move forward in the cryptocurrency industry to gain profit. Unlike non-prominent cryptocurrencies, BTC or bitcoin has become one of the most purchased and sold cryptocurrencies globally. Thanks to a bitcoin wallet or BTC Wallet, which made the procedure much easier for the newcomers.

To begin with, bitcoin wallets come with multiple benefits. For example, one can purchase, sell, or transfer bitcoin online. He/she has the authority to check and sell bitcoins when the prices uplift in the market. Apart from this, a bitcoin wallet is definitely a mandatory requirement when you sell or buy bitcoin using a BTC ATM machine near me.

Thus, it is rather significant to learn how to set up a bitcoin wallet as all bitcoins are stored safely in the wallet. In the absence of a bitcoin wallet, you may have to compromise on the safety and security of your valuable BTC(s). And, you may end up losing them over the internet without any traces. So, here’s how you can create a bitcoin wallet? This brief guide will help you to create cryptocurrency wallets to store different kinds of digital currencies and keep them safe from hackers and lurkers in the area:

How to create a bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin of America has their own wallet app that is recommended to all customers. Store your cryptocurrency safely on any mobile phone. Bitcoin of America cryptocurrency wallet supports Bitcoin, Litecoin & more! The Bitcoin wallet is what allows you to send, receive and store cryptocurrency. Having a digital wallet is the most important part of using digital currencies. Think of digital wallets as the personal interface to the Bitcoin network, similar to how online bank accounts are an interface for the regular monetary system used today. BTC wallets contain both private and public keys that allow you to spend your digital currency online. It’s the private keys that are stored and secured to give you full access to your bitcoins. The cryptocurrency wallet is either an app, device, or website that manages the private keys of the Bitcoin user.

Click here for a step by step video tutorial.

What are the other methods of setting up a bitcoin wallet?

To begin with, bitcoin wallet on Play Store by is the safest method for managing cryptocurrencies online. However, there are other prominent methods that are trending in the industry. For the most part, the liquidity level of cryptocurrencies using the following methods may not remain as strong as of the initial bitcoin wallet. But, here we go: 

Method 1: Use Cryptocurrency Exchange Websites

Cryptocurrency exchange websites like CoinBase have become an alternative to bitcoin wallets. The reason being, these websites offer to exchange, buy, or sell bitcoins online without having to download and install apps. One can simply an account online and use it anytime using customized username and password.

Method 2: Hardware Wallet for BTC

Hardware wallets are widely becoming popular among the investors on Amazon. The eCommerce platform is offering a pen-drive lookalike BTC wallet that allows an easy exchange of bitcoins. Yet, the pros and cons of this wallet are mindful. For instance, it is the most secure way to stock up bitcoins. However, when it comes to selling or buying bitcoin fastly, it is not preferred. Apart from this, one may need very high-tech intellect to deal with it.

Want to buy bitcoin online and create an easy-to-use wallet? Visit and make your investment life much easier with the smooth and non-technical user interface.

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