How to Sell Bitcoin Using The Genesis1 Machine

March 21st, 2018

Lately, the digital currency, Bitcoin, has become a popular term in many households. Bitcoin is a popular digital currency that is getting wide acceptance around the world. Bitcoin ATMs in Cleveland, Ohio are being installed in many places around the world, making digital currency transactions fast and easy. There are many digital currencies in circulation, but Bitcoin is the most famous amongst them all. Bitcoin uses the concept of cryptography to ensure security, safety, and weeds out all the problems related to online transactions. Several Bitcoin ATM machines are available, Genesis1 is a popular brand used by many operators around the world.

Genesis1 Bitcoin Machine

Genesis1 Bitcoin machines are quite popular and it is two-way Bitcoin kiosks are available at different locations. There are many places where this machine is installed and with it, you can both buy, as well as, sell Bitcoins as you like. Online ATM maps locate Bitcoin ATM booths and can be used for any suitable transactions. This particular Bitcoin ATM in Cleveland, Ohio makes a perfect investment and if you are willing to start one of your own, you can read its review and features, below

Genesis1 Bitcoin machines are available in many kiosks and operating this machine is easy. With this Bitcoin machine, you can perform both the buying and selling of digital currencies. The selling of Bitcoin process varies from one ATM to another as these devices support white labeling. This means whatever you are seeing on the screen can actually be different from one operator to another. Here is an example of selling this new digital currency using one of the Bitcoin ATM in Cleveland, Ohio machines:

  • Select the option “Withdraw Cash.”
  • Select Bitcoin (at times these machines may support other cryptocurrencies too).
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Now send the Bitcoins to any given address QR code.
  • Now within a few seconds, you will receive cash as Bitcoin transactions are propagated on the network

Another important aspect about this particular Bitcoin ATM in Cleveland, Ohio machine is that it supports different verification techniques including finger scanning and phone verification. Some of the operators may keep these features enabled, so be prepared.

Worthy Investment

Seeing the demand for digital currency, many investors are looking to start a Bitcoin ATM business. Several BTM machines are being installed in the market, Genesis1 is just one popular name preferred by many particular Bitcoin ATM in Cleveland, Ohio operators around the world. This Bitcoin machine makes a perfect investment and can be installed in many places. Many countries around the world are legalizing Bitcoin which in turn, is increasing the number of transactions.

In the last couple of months, Bitcoin became a household name, people from every country are eager to use this new payment system. Recently growth in this industry is a clear indication that it is on its way to be the world’s most accepted new digital currency.

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