How Blockchain Technology Changes the Education System

March 20th, 2019

How Blockchain Technology Changes the Education System

Blockchain technology is the backbone behind most cryptocurrencies, it’s a public ledger which automatically records and verifies transactions to let consumers buy Bitcoinonline. It’s the technology underlying popular digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Not many are aware of the fact that Blockchain technology is transforming many industries around the world. This new technology assures a transparent system because it operates through a decentralized system making it completely free from fraud or hacks. 

Blockchain technology is already used by many industries around the world; the education system will also be benefited. This new technology can be deployed by networks, school districts, community-based organizations, and post-secondary institutions for improved learning opportunities. 


All academic credentials should be universally verifiable and recognized. In different levels of education verifying academic credentials remain completely manual which is leading to all kind of problems or complications. Most of the process is still heavily dependent on case-by-case checking and paper documentation. The best thing about Blockchain technology is that it assures of streamlining the whole verification process and eradicates all cases of fraud or scams. There are often cases of unearned education credits or fake certificates coming up in light, implementation of Blockchain technology will easily identify any fake credentials instantly. 

Many software startup companies are collaborating with top businesses to launch toolsets which will provide an infrastructure for issuing, creating, viewing and verifying all certificates, based on Blockchain technology. Use of Blockchain technology for this purpose will benefit many and hence efforts are made to ensure widespread use of these transcript services. 


Blockchain technology can be used to identify special skills, once verified this can be communicated with a digital badge. Multiple badges can be assembled which can be further shared with students. Startup companies are using the technology to verify all e-portfolios. In coming days use of it will revamp the education sector.

Maintaining student records

For schools and universities, it’s becoming important to maintain student records. Using the all-new Blockchaintechnology a secure and transparent student record system can be designed which will be beneficial. Sony Global Education developed a platform partnering with IT giant IBM. The platform uses Blockchain technology to secure and share all student records. Though its still in the initial stage, in a few years its use will be increased in all educational institutes. 

Identity Management

With the increase in the number of learning portals and apps, identity management is becoming an important issue. Several platforms are coming up which is helping users carry identity easily over the internet. Most of these platforms are based on decentralized networks helping you serve the purpose. 

Record management

Blockchain technology will reduce all paper-based processes, increase accountability, minimize the number of fraud and increase transparency in the whole system. Several initiatives are taken to create appropriate infrastructure for distributed ledger shares, which will increase the speed and efficiency of the services. Many states in the US have already announced such initiates. Some startups are also assisting in this effort. This new technology will help in securing and keep tracking all records, one important benefit.

Blockchain technology is behind all popular digital currencies. Using online exchanges you can buy Bitcoin in a few simple clicks; it’s the uniqueness and transparency of the technology underlying these digital currencies which makes it so popular. Initially, Bitcoin and other digital currencies were getting all the attention, but now the focus has shifted towards Blockchain technology. This technology is getting implemented in various fields or industries; it is believed to change many sectors because of its features. The education system is one which will benefit from the Blockchain technology. Already several initiatives are taken which will simplify the whole system. It’s still too early to predict the changes, already efforts are made and things are falling into place. Hold your breath and wait for some time as Blockchain technology will revamp the present education system.

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