Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum file size for uploading is 4 MB. Hence, make sure the files you upload are smaller than 4 MB each. If you still don’t manage to upload them, please email us at and we will assist you.

We will send your bitcoins minutes after your transfer reaches our account. Please note that works everyday daily to sell you bitcoins!

Verifying an account can take up to 6 hours during working hours, though it usually takes much less.

If you’re not getting the SMS verification code from the site, you are most likely have a house phone. In that case, you can pick up the phone and receive the SMS code verbally.

Once you receive approval for your account, you can purchase 500BTC daily.

BOA will take risk appropriate measures, including choosing not to engage with any customers that initiate a trade on our platform and pursuant to that request wire be returned. BOA classifies such transactions to be “high risk” to our institution. Therefore, please before you send a wire make sure you are comfortable and certain of your investment.

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