Conventional Banking and Blockchain Technology

September 10th, 2018

Conventional Banking and Blockchain Technology

One of the most significant threats towards the banking field today is technology. Technology is imminent in Bitcoin ATMs as well. You may think that it is coming from big technology companies such as Search engines Inc. (GOOG), Apple Inc. (AAPL), eBay Inc. (EBAY) or even Amazon. Inc. (AMZN), or through new monetary technology (FinTech) start-ups. .  In today’s time a serious problem for financial industry or the banking sector is from blockchain technology – the tamper-proof system which underlies in most cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum that users can buy from any Bitcoin ATM or online exchanges. Large banking institutions, from investment decision to stock trades to banks, are all starting to work on their very own blockchain-based options to stay in the loop of this development.

Transfers and Remittances

The most popular type of use of blockchain technology is as a transfer system. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies act as electronic money and a method to post payments as money-form across the globe. These purchases require an exclusive internet connection that can transfer money instantly. Though it is true, it can take a lot of time to get a transaction to be 100% examined thoroughly. The transfer itself takes place only in few moments. These deals are limitless and entirely secure. Furthermore, contract costs will be minimal, that could be just a few cents per transaction making it a lot cheaper process to send capital around the world. Especially if you compare with providers like Western Union (WU) or by credit cards processor chips such as Passport Inc. (V), Mastercard Inc. (MA) or perhaps Discover Personal Services (DFS). A seller not wanting to pay for the initial ongoing costs of credit cards can take electronic transactions via a cryptocurrency of Bitcoin ATMs. Remittance overseas is usually a problematic factor while execution.

Deposit of Funds and Checking Account Balances

Customers make use of banks to keep deposits within checking and also savings trading accounts, but when you deposit cash into a banking account, the bank provides financial loan through the local monetary reserve. As a result, the majority of the money shows up whenever you view your account balance is not indeed held by the bank. A financial institution instructs the bank to stop when a lot of customers try to withdraw their cash all at the same time, and also the money is not there. The bank account stability, therefore, is merely a sales entry. The technology backing most Bitcoin ATMs is ultimately the ledger that will represent entries. For that reason bank accounts might come to be symbolized on blockchain making them better, accessible along with being cheap. Furthermore, it might help to eliminate different types of risks.

Principal Market Issuance and IPOs

If secondary market stock trading can perform for blockchains, could it impact primary as well? The answer is sure. Imagine you are a company aiming to raise investment via giving new dispenses to general population via an IPO. Right now, this would be an incredibly expensive task requiring a significant investment bank that will underwrite your stocks. This phenomenon can charge as much as 9% or more on the capital currently being raised. At this point, imagine that you may issue stock shares of your firm by yourself instantly to the blockchain where you can subsequently sell these to people in exchange for cash. These electronic shares then can be exchanged in secondary real estate markets that likewise exist by using the technology backing Bitcoin ATMs. If this predicament becomes acknowledged by the people, it could be both advantageous and big disrupter for consumers and banking industry.


It has become apparent that this blockchain technological know-how has much more to offer as in comparison with Bitcoins from Bitcoin ATMs as well as cryptocurrencies. Even though those implementations and income systems are disruptive, higher quality service can come from using this unique and potent tool properly.

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