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April 5th, 2018

Bitcoin is one of the hottest topics currently and is quickly making news all over the world. This new currency system is making its way into the market and people from different countries are using it to buy products and services. Top businesses and ecommerce websites everywhere are accepting Bitcoin as payment. Users can enjoy this hassle free payment system at anytime. To give digital currency users even more access to Bitcoins, online exchanges and BTMs or Bitcoin ATMs have begin to show up across the globe. Online exchanges give the user the option to buy Bitcoins easily and safely. Bitcoin ATMs are installed in central locations in most major cities for user convenience.

What Is A Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATMs are devices that help you buy or sell digital currencies using your traditional currency. THese Bitcoin ATMs function similar to traditional ATMs, but you do need to enter the amount and the equivalent digital currency will then be transferred to your digital wallet. Using a Bitcoin ATM is quite simple and many digital currency users are using these machines to buy Bitcoins. However, Bitcoin ATM kiosks are not available everywhere, but with the rise of popularity Bitcoin ATMS are sure to continue to populate around the globe.In the last few years the number of Bitcoin ATMs increased considerably, just in the United States alone there are close to one thousand BTM machines.

Why Use Bitcoin ATMs?

In just the last couple of years, the use of Bitcoin ATMs has increased considerably.The best thing about BTM machines is that they are easy to locate and you can buy Bitcoins instantly. Online exchanges may take some time to transfer money to your wallet. What’s even more appealing is that BTM machines are easy to use and in few simple taps, you get to buy digital currencies. Use Bitcoin ATMs to use digital currencies for all day to day transactions.

To use Bitcoin all you need is Bitcoin wallet and some cash. Compared to any other online exchange, using Bitcoin ATM is much easier. With online exchanges, you need to comply with AML and KYC laws, these require pictures of your ID card and various other personal details. Bitcoin ATMs make buying of Bitcoin much easier and hassle-free. For first-time users , BTM machines are usually the best option.

Finding A Bitcoin ATM Near You

Over time, Bitcoin users are increasing and numerous BTM machines are being installed in different places around the world. Several online portals such as Bitcoin of America, are available to help you locate BTM machines near you. Enter the location to populate a list of BTM machines around in your area. This online Bitcoin ATM directory is making it much easier for people to locate machines. Bitcoin machines are the most convenient way of buying digital currencies, find a BTM machine nearby and start using it for regular transactions.

At Bitcoin of America you can find all useful details about the BTM machine near you. Buyers can find ATM locations, fees, hours, and all other necessary details. Enter the location and get detailed information about BTM machines available around you.

Benefits of Using BTM Machines

Bitcoin ATMs are new concept and in most cases, BTM operators are charging little to no transaction fees. If you are using Bitcoins on a regular basis, using Bitcoin ATM machines can help you save a good amount in fees from online exchanges. In some of the popular cities around the United States, there are numerous BTM machines available, locate the one nearest you today.


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