Big Businesses That Are Accepting Bitcoin Payments

March 21st, 2018

Bitcoin is hot right now and everyone wants a piece of it. Each day the price of Bitcoin is increasing and this garnering the attention of many enthusiasts. People from all corners of the globe are now scrambling to get ahold of this new currency. There are St. Louis Bitcoin ATM kiosks and online exchanges available in many places around the world. But the million dollar question is, can you actually pay for good and services with this digital currency? Yes, you can! Many new businesses are accepting Bitcoin as payment, which is making even more people interested in this digital currency.

Bitcoin Acceptance

Bitcoin has slowly been getting acceptance globally and top business groups are accepting this digital currency has a form of payment. St. Louis Bitcoin ATM kiosks and online exchanges are available, making it easier than ever to make transactions. Here is a list of big names that are now accepting Bitcoins:

  • Dell is now accepting Bitcoin. Dell collaborated with Coinbase, one of the most popular and trusted online exchanges.
  • Newegg, a huge retailer of hardware and computer electronics is accepting the digital currency as payment.
  • Popular Internet service provider DISH network is accepting Bitcoins.
  • Microsoft is allowing customers to add money to with Bitcoin to buy games, apps, and videos.
  • Interested in flying to space? Virgin Galactic is now accepting Bitcoin as payment for flying you to space.
  • California based retailer TigerDirect offers computers, electronics and computer components catering corporate and business customers. Use Bitcoin to make easy payments.
  • WordPress, popular blogging platform used by biggest media companies around the world is now accepting Bitcoin as payment.
  • Zynga, popular mobile gaming firm is taking Bitcoin payments.
  • Love eating at Subway? Now enjoy fresh burgers at Subway and pay using Bitcoins.
  • Interested in online dating sites? OkCupid accepts Bitcoin for all premium services. Now finding your soulmate is much easier with this dating app!
  • Intuit is an American Software Company developing tax and financial preparation tools and other related services for accountants, small business and individuals. Pay them using Bitcoins.
  • The list is huge. Namecheap,,, Limousine services, online movie tickets and many more other businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

St. Louis Bitcoin ATM kiosks and online exchanges are now available in every leading city or town. As more businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment, its day to day transactions are increasing considerably. Wealthy investors are buying it like crazy. This is something that every general public need to start paying attention to.

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