Book your next vacation with Bitcoin

December 8th, 2020

Book your next vacation with Bitcoin

The holidays are coming up, which means people are getting ready to book their next vacation. Are you looking to book a future vacation or trip using cryptocurrency?

Imagine being able to book your next vacation using Bitcoin. This has now been made possible thanks to many different travel companies.

As of 2020 there are many websites out there that allow cryptocurrency to be used as a form of payment when booking a flight or hotel. The options are endless. Customers can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and even Ethereum to book their next trip. In 2019, Miami International Airport got its first bitcoin atm.



The Airbnb of Cryptocurrency

Airbnb is an online marketplace where customers can choose for a variety of accommodations.

This can range from homes, apartments, town houses, and more. On the other end, users can list their own real estate for customers to rent.

CryptoCribs is basically the Airbnb of the cryptocurrency industry. Customers can travel around the world using Bitcoin to stay in these accommodations.

There is also an option where users can become a “crypto host”. All you have to do is enter your desired location, dates, and number of guests. From there you simply choose your accommodation. This gives users the option of renting or hosting a location.

Book a hotel room with Bitcoin

Travala is one of the many companies that make booking a hotel room with Bitcoin possible. Travala considers themselves as the world leading blockchain-based travel.

They get you the best prices on over 2 million different hotels and accommodations. Just like you would book any typical hotel, the process stays the same.

You enter in basic information and they try to find you exactly what you are looking for. They have a wide variety of travel destinations to choose from!

Bitcoin travel is another website where customers can book their travel services using cryptocurrency. Users can find flights, hotels, tours, activities, and more.

Many of these sites even offer special discounts to their customers! Customers can even leave reviews on their experiences and view past ones. Their website was featured on Forbes, CNBC, TIME, The New York Times, and other major publications.

Some of their top travel destinations include:

New York
Los Angeles
Tel Aviv-Yafo
Saint Petersburg

Book your flight with Bitcoin

Cheap Air provides flights to customers who prefer Bitcoin as their primary payment method. Cheap Air was the first travel agency to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Similar to the other sites mentioned, they also offer hotel and car services.

Booking a flight is nothing out of the ordinary as you enter your destination and basic information. You get typical flight options such as round trip and one-way.

We want to know your thoughts when it comes to booking travel with Bitcoin. Reach out to us on social media and let us know if you would book travel using cryptocurrency as a form of payment!

Best of Both Worlds

Bitcoin.Travel is another option that allows users to book a flight and hotel room all in one. Not only is the is a convenient option, they even offer the best deals on prices using discounts. They also provide package options. Bitcoin.Travel has been featured in some major media sources. These sources include Forbes, TIME, CNBC, The New York Times, and Travel + Leisure.

Customers are even able to look at reviews on different hotels so they can choose the best option. Not only are you able to book flights and hotels, customers can book tours and activities through the website. They are known to have one of the most extensive lists of travel options compared to other Bitcoin sites.


What does the future hold?

The future for Bitcoin is looking bright as we begin to move into 2021. Bitcoin has gained more and more attention around the world and the possibilities are becoming endless. Soon sites you already use to purchase goods and services could soon be Bitcoin accessible.
Bitcoin has made so much progress in 2020. Thousands of new Bitcoin ATM locations have been added across the USA. Bitcoin of America alone has just surpassed over 500 Bitcoin atm locations. Bitcoin of America is just one operator that has made Bitcoin purchasing more convenient.

Bitcoin of America recently re launched their tablet program giving rural areas quick access to purchasing Bitcoin. Customers in rural areas are often driving hours to their nearest major city just to purchase. If you plan on booking travel in a big or small city, you will always have access to a machine. These tablets allow for Bitcoin and Litecoin purchasing.

Does this mean Bitcoin tablets be the future? There is a huge gap missing when it comes to cryptocurrency. These tablets have an easy to follow program that anyone can use! Whether you are a vape shop owner or a phone repair owner these tablets are user friendly. When you look at what’s out there in terms of a cryptocurrency purchasing experience you only really see ATMs.

Bitcoin of America’s tablet program allows for customers to have a face to face purchasing experience. A customer simply comes in and hands the merchant cash and the merchant is responsible for making the transaction. This is perfect for beginners who want to become involved in cryptocurrency, but are unsure of how to go through the process online or at an atm. Their tablets are located in smaller cities and rural areas, whereas the atms are in large cities.

Here are some of their tablet locations:

Port St. Lucie
Vero Beach
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Traverse City
St Robert
Fort Lauderdale

Whether you are booking your next vacation in a big city like Los Angeles California or hiking in Kingman Arizona, Bitcoin of America provides you with convenient locations all around the country! Check out any of these websites above to begin traveling with cryptocurrency!

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