Blockchain Wallets

July 31st, 2018

Blockchain Wallets

Without blockchain wallets, digital currencies would just be another idea. It is because of blockchain wallets that digital currency users can use their digital currencies to buy products or services. Digital currencies need a medium so that people can access, send, store, or receive their money safely and efficiently. With the growing demand for digital currencies, numerous blockchain wallets are being created, selecting the best one by matching it to your needs is important.

Blockchain wallets are the advanced version of a regular wallet. For instance, you can check your account balance, transaction history and other details from your blockchain wallet, whereas with your regular wallet, you have to keep track of your cash yourself. The blockchain wallet is smart and it maintains all the important details of your account.

Different Kinds of Blockchain Wallets

There are many types of blockchain wallets for people to choose from, each has its own characteristics and advantages. Almost all of these blockchain wallets work in the same way-they stores both your private and public keys for easy access.

Digital currencies or rather, the codes which represent the currency, are stored on the blockchain, which is stored on computers in the network around the world. Blockchain wallets contain the digital currency address (it is the same as your randomly generated public key). This is visible to all, it’s public information in the blockchain. The wallet also contains the private key, but it’s kept secret. Without the combination of these two keys, you can’t access the digital currencies of your account. Most blockchain wallets contain various addresses and hold both private and public key pairings.

Blockchain Wallet Features

Modern-day blockchain wallets were created to give the digital currency user all the functionality features they might need. These digital wallets contain both private and public keys to the digital currencies that match the keys, to display a list of transactions, as well as, the current balance in a user interface. The latest digital wallets are easy to use and are being created with constant new features to enhance user experience.

It is important to understand that blockchain wallets don’t contain digital currencies, it contains the permission to access the digital currencies. If by any chance you lose access to this permission, you will also lose all your digital currencies.

Older blockchain wallets are full node wallets, which means the user can download the full blockchain and act as a transmuter of transactions. In short, these wallets play an important role in contributing and updating the Bitcoin network. Modern-day blockchain wallets are much more simple in their use and more advanced in their features. Digital wallets are now available for mobile phone or desktop computers. These wallets don’t download the entire blockchain, only block headers are downloaded.

With growing popularity of the blockchain, the wallet technology is evolving at a rapid pace to keep up. The basic principle of these blockchain wallets is to hold your digital keys, but they come with several other options for functionalities. Blockchain wallets make it easy for digital currency users to store, send or receive online money with ease. These wallets are now accessed by people from all around the world.

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