Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Digital E-Payments

September 4th, 2018

Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Digital E-Payments

The thought of combining messaging and repayments isn’t brand new but it is now being associated with buying Bitcoin. Chinese organization Tencent has created WeChat (a messaging app) wherever users can transfer cash to other customers. One business, Obsidian, has established a type of system regarding messaging as well as payments with each other. The firm happens to be in the process of raising money through an ICO. The company is dedicated to privacy and also said that they offer unparalleled private communication by secure messenger software with cryptographic coins that permits a decentralized communication system. These processes provide strength against assaults on the connection servers through replacement of decentralized systems and thus get Obsidian digital currency as payment.


The gap might be filled with blockchain technologies. Blockchain may be the only technology which supports cryptocurrencies. It creates the distributed journal (think of the database on the network wherever all the customers can see as well as verify the actual database in one time) where dealings are confirmed and coded into a cycle of ‘blocks’ that can in no way be changed. The technological innovation produces a correct and entirely secure documentation of all purchases in a thread. By doing so, you can get a system just where messages and also payments are dispersed in conjunction with protection and verifiability at the same time.

The problem with blockchain messaging is in the ways of payment. In case of the blockchain, to become a viable remedy for transaction processing, businesses require creating built-in payment running methods which are connected to the blockchain to be easily verifiable.

State of Technology

The answer has been the development of new cryptocurrencies; think electronic token or altcoins. These types of altcoins can be brought into the system and delivered to other consumers in the community seamlessly along with security since the currency may be attached to the blockchain by itself. In this way, the app may have entirely personal and safe messaging with the blockchain, as well as provide a protected and straightforward approach to transferring money. Users have to buy the tokens of local foreign currency, send all of them, and then transform them to nearby currency upon receipt. Bitcoin Exchanges regarding cryptocurrencies allow such deals to take place. All of the changes coming to the technical world through blockchain may transform the way in terms of using the internet. The blockchain is creating inroads right into a vast number of areas beyond just messaging plus payments for Bitcoin ATMs. But given the specific systemic benefits of blockchain applications, it appears certain that a method will be formed that will be broadly adopted to resolve the two-platform conundrum intended for consumers.

Facts to Consider

Whatever may be the mode of payment or the transfer of funds, consumers look for safety and security. It may be because consumers want to buy Bitcoins or any other form of currency, make no mistake that people want them to store and trade at the right time. Saving cryptocurrencies can be a problem if not kept in authentic places. Payments made from crypto wallets using blockchain technology is becoming a trustworthy factor nowadays. One can safely rely on this technology regarding security. Any electronic transaction processing system issues its own online financial correspondence in the form of paper foreign currency from Bitcoin ATMs or Bitcoin Exchanges.Various EPS differ within levels of advancement, degrees of performance, coverage, as well as intended objective. Different electronic payment techniques issue their own types of foreign money. Some utilize this facility around the world, a few in only several countries, as well as others, do not reveal their state or the situation at all.

Because of the advent as well as growth within the usage of EPS in the world, the concepts related to this process have started to appear commonly known as e-money.

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