Blockchain Technology: Buy with Bitcoin

March 28th, 2019

Blockchain Technology: Buy with Bitcoin

Blockchain is a public ledger which automatically records and verifies transactions. It’s the technology behind all popular digital currencies. People nowadays are opting to buy with Bitcoinall basic items or services, thanks to several merchants and platforms accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. Apart from being the technology behind digital currency Blockchain is finding enough use in other fields. Here are few areas where Blockchain use is growing: 


Blockchain-based technology could help libraries expand its services by facilitating more effective management of digital rights, enhance metadata archives, develop protocols for supporting different community-based collections and many more. Many institutes and universities are receiving funds from around the world to explore the potentials of Blockchain technology for different information services. 


Blockchain technology is being used in several fields because of its unique concept. The publishing industry will also get benefitted because of Blockchain technology; in fact, it will have multiple applications. Here the technology will help in ensuring rights management, piracy and many more. There are several platforms emerging which will encourage editors, authors, publishers, and translators. The benefits of publishing industry expansion will also be felt by students, educators, and other associated fields. 

Authors can easily keep the copyright of their work, giving them more freedom to publish the work and distribute it in different places. Different platforms are coming up which is designed to streamline the whole publishing process. The main purpose of the system is to provide a centralized and secure system which can be easily accessed by editors, writers, and publishers. Role of all associated in the industry can be easily sorted out from the start using this new technology, in the long run, it will also help in minimizing errors. 

Assistance and Charities

One most useful thing about Blockchain technology is that it can streamline the public assistance system for students, families, and businesses. Several startups are coming up which are using Blockchain platform for developing solution which will provide assistance to common people. All welfare payments can be better utilized and the recipients can access it easily. This financial assistance is paid in the form of cryptocurrencies. Already many shopping sites or merchants are allowing customers to buy with Bitcoin, recipients can easily transact. 

For all type of charitable donations, Blockchain based platforms provide the ability to track donations. Many charitable institutes around the world can get benefitted because of Blockchain based system which will provide the ability to track, transfer and provide a suitable record of all financial transactions around the globe. Donors to charitable foundations can now be assured about its transparency and accountability. 

Recruitment process

Before hiring fresh talents companies or recruiters check backgrounds and academic credentials. Some companies verify employment histories but all of these processes can be time-consuming and hectic. These are all manual tasks for the recruitment department and can take a long time. Use of Blockchain based technology for checking records will give you accurate information and save a considerable amount of time. Using this latest technology will move the hiring process faster. 

Already Blockchain based concepts are being implemented to developed short and more improved recruitment process. This new process will be used for e-commerce, cleaning and warehousing fields in days to come. What’s more this new technology will make it easier for the common individual to find work on the move and get rewarded for the effort they have put-together via digital currencies. This will be completely based in the decentralized framework without involving any traditional financial institutions. Universities, schools, and private firms can substitute the traditional system with this new technique. 

Blockchain technology is that innovative idea which will change the face of every field. Slowly its use and implementation are increasing in diverse fields, that day is not too far when Blockchain will completely replace many traditional systems. All these changes are interesting and will enhance the lives of common people. The Blockchain is that innovation which will lead to evolutionary gains rather creating revolutionary reforms.  

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