Are Blockchain Stocks A Good Investment?

April 26th, 2018

In the last few years, blockchain and other technologies are emerging and are expected to change the future of finance and money. Blockchain technology is known for its long drawn benefits; it is the underlying concept behind digital currencies and also has the potential to revolutionize marketplaces, as well as, the process of transferring and storing data around the globe.

Companies from different industries and fields are looking into this blockchain technology. New research and developments are constantly underway which will make this new concept even more effective. This new technology is found to be effective for fraud prevention, potential cost savings, and faster transmission confirmation. What’s more, is that it is already predicted that the blockchain technology and its platform will store around 10% of global GDP in the next few years. These are definitely signs that blockchain technology will play an important role in the future. Investing in blockchain stocks are definitely a good idea and it will help you earn huge profit in few years down the line.

The Potential of Blockchain Technology

The technological potential and progress known as of now, is making it exciting for investors from around the world. Many top businesses and companies have already started measuring and analyzing the blockchain technology. This new concept can bring in several changes to the present system while helping businesses make transactions fast, cost-efficient, and secure all data. Many top businesses and companies have already started implementing this new blockchain technology. For investors, it can be a good opportunity to buy these stocks, as the price will increase soon. It’s clear by now that blockchain technology will bring on a revolution, investing in it will prove worthwhile.

Here are some of the popular blockchain related companies for 2018 where you can buy stocks:

  • Nasdaq – A popular equity index provider that is devoted to harnessing the power of this new technology. The service provider is finding ways so that investors can securely navigate the financial market safely.
  • IBM – is continuously trying to develop new technologies, which can be used in diverse fields or areas. The business group is already using the blockchain technology for various clients in multiple industries. The blockchain platform has the potential to reduce costs for various industries and in the long run, can create a new revenue stream. These improvements will ensure higher earnings.
  • Hitachi –  is another good blockchain technology stock investment option. This popular Japanese technology firm is continually working on areas to broaden the application of blockchain. Hitachi is aiming to continue development and research efforts to introduce many new uses of blockchain technology, making it a good investment.
  • Daimler AG – This popular German automaker is also using blockchain technology to launch a new instrument. This new device will complete the transaction, to the confirmation of interest and repayments, all through blockchain technology, a smart new idea which will surely simplify the corporate loan process.
  • Hive Technologies –  is another popular stock pick. The company recently announced a major expansion in the field of mining. What’s more, is that the company operates multiple digital currency facilities and mines several cryptocurrencies.

New Technology On The Block

No matter what blockchain technology applications provide, an incremental improvement or a complete transformation of the industry, its potential is definitely worth a second look. Blockchain technology is still considered to be in its early stages, but investing in blockchain technology is becoming easier. Many investors and enthusiasts from around the world are showing interest in this new technology.

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