Bitcoin vs Ethereum

July 16th, 2018

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

The first virtual currency which is none other than Bitcoin, was taken birth in 2008. This digital currency had introduced a novel concept that is set out in a white paper by the secretive Satoshi Nakamoto. The promise of Lower transaction fees is offered by the Bitcoin, than the traditional online payment mechanisms. This is unlike government issued currencies, is operated by a decentralized authority. There presents only balance that are associated with public and private Keys, but not physical balances.


Ethereum since its declaration at the North American Bitcoin Conference has obtained a lot of attention early in 2014 by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum’s constant comparison with Bitcoin is the result of its growing popularity. That would be more paramount for the investors for understanding the differences and similarities in between Bitcoin and Ethereum.


In recent years the acceptance of the idea of a digital currency has increased among the Government bodies and Regulators. The cryptocurrencies have carved a niche for themselves though they are not formally recognized medium of payment or preserving value. Digital currencies are even continuing for coexisting in the financial method instead of being debated and regularly verified.


Blockchain: The endeavors placed for understanding the BItcoin more closely has resulted in the invention of Blockchain, which is the technology that tends to power the Bitcoin. Blockchain is not only the burning topic in the FinTech World, but even a most wanted technology in several industries.


In a given system, a blockchain is a public ledger of entire transaction, which have ever been executed. Since the completed blocks are appended for it, this would be constantly rising. By means of assuring that they will be remaining beyond the power of manipulators, the blocks will be appended for the blockchain in linear, chronological manner via the cryptography. Thus the blockchain will be standing as a tamper proof record of entire transaction on the network, which is reachable for entire participants. For the purpose of working at lower costs with huge regulatory compliance, enhanced efficienty, and minimized risk, the blockchain will be providing a chance.


Ethereum that launched in 2015, is the most well established and largest open ended decentralized software platform, which will be enabling SmartContracts and Distributed Applications for building and running without any downtime, control, fraud or interference from third party.The potential applications of Ethereum will be running on its platform specific cryptographic token which is nothing but Ether.


Bitcoin Versus Ethereum: The Bitcoin and Ethereum, while both of them are powered by the generalization of cryptography and distributed ledgers, the two will be differing in many technical methods. The programming language for instance availed by Ethereum will turns absolute, whereas the Bitcoin will be in a stack based language. The other variations that includes are block time, and their basis builds respectively.


The Bitcoin and Ethereum, however, from a general point of view will be differing in purpose. Bitcoin while created as an alternative for regular money, thus it is a medium of payment transaction and preserve of value. While Ethereum as a platform is developed for the purpose of facilitating peer to peer contracts and applications thru its own currency vehicle. The primary purpose of Ether is not to establish itself as a payment alternative, however, for facilitating and monetizing the functioning of Ethereum for enabling the developers for building and running distributed application.


The Concluding Line: To sum up, based on the principle of blockchain which support Bitcoin, Ethereum is an advancement however, with a reason which does not compete with Bitcoin. However, the popularity capitalization and growing market of Ether will brings it in competition with the entire cryptocurrencies, particularly from the trading perspective. At present, than to Ripple and Litecoin, the market cap of Ether is more. It is to be noted that, the Bitcoin and Ethereum are two different versions, availing the  crblochain technology, which are set to carve a niche for themselves, that are driven by different inclinations.



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