Bitcoin Trading

June 3rd, 2018

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency used by investors and traders worlwide. With its rising popularity, Bitcoin seems to be everywhere. You can’t pass a conversation without someone talking about cryptocurrency or their recent Bitcoin purchase. With the rise of Bitcoin, there is a substantial rise in online trading platforms that make it easy to buy and sell digital currency all with a few simple clicks. In addition to these bitcoin exchanges, there are a rising number of Bitcoin ATMs all over the United States. There are approximately 1330 Bitcoin ATMs in the US. Cities such as Chicago and Detroit are seeing a flood of these machines and increasing number of users everyday. Bitcoin ATM in Chicago allows customers from various neighborhoods to have access to a Bitcoin ATM conveniently located near their home. What’s fascinating about these Bitcoin ATM machines is that you can use fiat currency to purchase your Bitcoin. Some advanced Bitcoin ATM machines, such as Bitcoin of America’s new two-way machine allows the user to sell cryptocurrency to the machine and withdraw cash. It’s important to take into consideration the reputation of a company before you make a purchase to make sure it is not a scam.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency similar to traditional currency but it has no physical existence. Bitcoin can be saved, spent or used. A Japanese computer programmer with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto introduced this form of digital currency in the market in 2009. Over the years this digital currency gained popularity because of its unique concept and price fluctuation. Initially, its value was just pennies but when this article was written the value of one bitcoin is around $7500 USD. Who would have thought the value will increase so significantly? In December 2017 one Bitcoin almost reached $20,000 USD. This shows the immense power and potential of digital currencies. Because of this increasing fascination with Bitcoin and the prices of digital currencies, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased as well as online cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin is generated using a process called mining. Many individuals around the world are taking interest in Bitcoin mining because users believe with one-time investment you can earn money quickly. Bitcoin algorithms are called blocks and the purpose of miners is to solve complex problems and verify transactions. In return, they receive Bitcoins as an incentive.

Where can you use Bitcoin

From Bitcoin ATMs or through online exchanges you can buy digital currencies in exchange for physical money. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are stored in wallets in digital form. All you need is a smartphone or tablet. Now there are so many avenues to spend your Bitcoin online. It is now possible to purchase a flight, buy a car or luxury goods using cryptocurrency. Slowly top business groups and firms around the world are accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. If you are looking for a fast and hassle-free way of making payments, digital currency is the best option. However, it’s important to buy Bitcoin from a reputable source.

Become a Market Player

Want to become a market player? Get trading! The quickest way to purchase Bitcoin is through an online trading platform. Cryptocurrency can be bought from your smartphone in the luxury of your own home. Although there are so many exchanges to purchase Bitcoin from, Bitcoin of America makes it simple, fast and reliable so you can receive your digital currency same day. Most online trading platforms do not offer immediate customer service and if an error or question arrises it can take days to resolve. Bitcoin of America offers a live chat option so you will never face any difficulties in buying or receiving your Bitcoin.


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