April 17th, 2019


If you are a keen cryptocurrency enthusiast then you must have noticed the great blockchain decline particularly in 2018. The total market capitalization fell to its lowest point. Many investors left the market due to the drastic shift of the coins market value. Bitcoin, the leading crypto currency dropped by over 70% while the other Cryptos recorded much worse reductions. This decline in demand for crypto influenced many blockchain innovators to try and come up with new technological ideas to salvage the situation. Bitcoin of Americatried to come up with new strategic ways of making Bitcoins available across all 50 states. 

Bitcoin of America’s BTMs and Zero Transaction Fees

2019 has seen a promising rise in crypto market value. One of the biggest changes in the market came with the development of Bitcoin ATMs which have been coined as BTMs. These machines are designed to grant broader access to several types of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. 

Another project that might help reclaim the dominance of crypto currency across the globes is focusing on major global financial hubs. This includes states that are home to the largest blockchain industries and have adopted the use of several cryptos. The main idea being promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in states that have wide customer base. One of the unique trends Bitcoin of America has adopted this year is issuing zero transaction fees across all of their BTMs when buying Bitcoin. 

With this offer, Bitcoin of America seeks to expand the global access to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. If you have been having doubts on whether you should invest in crypto coins, this is the best time because with the free transaction costs you can easily buy or sell or transfer your Bitcoins with ease. With the availability of BTMs you can also easily exchange your fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin ATMs are the best source of crypto access especially in countries with limited internet access or limited banking solutions. This includes Africa, where the blockchain industries are still less developed. For now, BTMs can mostly be found in Canada and the U.S.; there are however much fewer BTMs in other States. Market researchers nonetheless indicate that focusing on the best market niche will be the unsurpassed way of spreading the crypto hype all over the Continent.

The Bitcoin ATM market is booming and every day a new BTM is being installed. You can easily find a Bitcoin ATM near you by simply logging into the Bitcoin of America website, where you will indicate your zip code, city or state then you will be promptly directed to the closest BTM.

Seeing this trend, it is quite clear that the cryptocurrency market can easily compete with other prominent currencies such as the U.S. Dollar and Euro in years to come. 

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