Bitcoin of America Launches Mobile Application on Android and iPhone Platforms

February 5th, 2019

Bitcoin of America Launches Mobile Application on Android and iPhone Platforms

Bitcoin of America launched 4 years ago with a vision of rolling out Bitcoin penetrability to as many people as possible. To this end, a lot has been achieved with regards to this initial vision. The company has rolled out several Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs) in the US over the last four years and hope to grow its outreach even more. Now Bitcoin of America is unraveling its mobile application to make buying Bitcoin even more user friendly.

First over the Counter Bitcoin Exchange

At the time of its launch, Bitcoin of America was the first service offering over the counter Bitcoin Exchange as opposed to buying, selling or trading online. The company first launched in Chicago before it went into other states and cities in the U.S. with its Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs).

Having achieved this goal of providing Bitcoin trading services at the convenience of buyers and sellers, Bitcoin of America is looking at a new target market- the mobile applications market. With this move, the firm will be able to provide real time services and support to its users from across the world.

Bitcoin of America’s Services On The Go

This has been done by capitalizing on the mobile applications market where they have come up with a Mobile app for both Androidand iPhoneusers. The application allows you to have Bitcoin of America’sservices on the go and at your convenience.

The mobile application has first been rolled out on the Apple and Android platforms. It will allow you to buy, sell and check for conversion rates on your phone or tablet at any time among other functions.

The app’s Unmatched Functionality

Bitcoin of America is a registered Money Service Business (MSB) which specializes in cryptocurrency. Services offered on the app include Buying, selling and generally trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

The app is simply Bitcoin of America’s platformbrought to your phone. It will allow users all services provided by Bitcoin of America albeit in a simpler, more convenient way. One will be able to sell or buy on the platform with dated time stamp and volume trades or price, making the trade extremely transparent. 

Click and Wire Secure Service

Users will be able to buy Bitcoin in bulk using bank wires, a function that will let you connect your Bank with the app with a simple click of a button. You can create a trade to buy bitcoin on your phone, and then simply send a wire from  your bank account.  This also applies to sales where the amount sold will be wired straight to your bank account. Bitcoin of America follows all banking procedures and policies as prescribed by FINCEn. Bitcoin of America has unrivaled compliance and KYC/AML policies in place to ensure a smooth, fast and safe transaction. 

User friendly Interface

The application is designed with the end user in mind. It comes with a simple to use interface where all services can be obtained without much hassle. Emphasis has been given to the user, with customer support on the app available 24/7. This means that any issues will be addressed faster and more conveniently. The app has a ‘contact us’ page from where users’ concerns will be addressed.

In terms of compliance to security requirements in an age on ever-increasing online fraud, the application is properly enhanced to meet the cryptocurrency consumers need when it comes to buying and selling Bitcoin.

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