Bitcoin of America is Releasing Bitcoin Tablets in Major Cities

May 29th, 2019

Bitcoin of America is Releasing Bitcoin Tablets in Major Cities

Bitcoin, the world’s top ranked cryptocurrency according to coin market capitalization, has gained so much popularity ever since it was created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Almost everyone across the globe has at least a slight idea about this digital currency and a good number of people are actually using it.

Cryptocurrency Exchangers such as Bitcoin of America have therefore tried to come up with ways to make the crypto coin easily accessible to users. One interesting concept Bitcoin of America has come up with is the Tablet.

Bitcoin of America allows merchant locations to host BTM tablets in their locations by simply processing a transaction andprinting out a customer receipt (with zero costs and zero risks). However, one would need to make sure there’s an internet connection in their store. Also, Bitcoin of America handles everything, from training, maintenance, online marketing all the way to customer service.

Hosting a BOA Bitcoin Tabletin your store also comes with several advantages, which include;

  • Increased passive income
  • Increased foot traffic
  • Free advertising on Google ads as well as social media

Launching Bitcoin tablets for merchants is one of the ways through which Bitcoin of America has been able to release the tablets in major cities across the globe. The roll out of Bitcoin Tablets comes as a complement to Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin teller machines that resemble the traditional Automated Teller Machines. Just like Bitcoin Tablets, Bitcoin Teller Machines have made buying and selling of Bitcoin quite easy and convenient for the end user.

Bitcoin of America has installed Bitcoin ATMs in several cities across the U.S. and is now working to achieve the same with Bitcoin Tablets. As mentioned above, the platform offers training to merchants beforehand so that they can get a clear understanding of the Bitcoin Tablet concept.

So, how do these tablets work?

Unlike on Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs), people wishing to use the Bitcoin tablet are guided by a ‘’human’’ teller operating the tablet. All a customer needs to do is to;

  • Make sure you have a verifiable phone number that’s in line with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations
  • Make sure you have a working Bitcoin Wallet. (it is advisable to secure your crypto wallet with 2 Factor Authentication)
  • Find a Bitcoin Teller location
  • Choose the amount of Bitcoin you intend to purchase
  • Give the teller your phone number for customer look up

Once you are cleared as a registered customer, you will receive the Bitcoin you bought from the teller. The Bitcoin tablet prints out the same QR code which is scanned to a mobile wallet. However, if you are a first time user, you will first need to create an account with Bitcoin of America.

One good thing about these tablets is the human touch; this is because it inspires a sense of confidence to traders and at the same give the buyer a sense of security.  Buyers do not even need to have background information on how to use the tablet; they may however need a bit of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and digital wallets so as to avoid getting scammed.

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