Bitcoin Surge: The Price of Bitcoin Hits $10,000

February 10th, 2020

Bitcoin Surge: The Price of Bitcoin Hits $10,000

Bitcoin is finally back over $10,000

The price of Bitcoin finally hit $10,000. This is the highest price in four months. The big question is..will it continue to rise? According to Coin Desk, the price of Bitcoin was at $10,129 late Sunday. A ton of Bitcoin enthusiasts are actually predicting this price to rice even more! Many are still asking what caused the price of bitcoin to surge past 10k.

What caused this surge?

People have begun to speculate what caused this surge. According to Cointelegraph, there are 3 potential broad factors. The first factor was an accumulation of Bitcoin since December of 2019. The second potential factor is whale manipulation. The third and final factor is rising on-chain investor activity. This also brings on the question if it could be a mixture of the 3.

What is next for Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin has hit $10,000 for the first time in 2020, leaving people to wonder what is next. Some people are arguing that this price will continue to rise, while others argue it will head downward. Some even believe that Bitcoin will explode by the end of the summer and hit an all time high. We would love to hear what you guys are thinking. Tweet at us or tag our social media accounts!

How can you get involved?

If you are looking to get involved and want a hands on cryptocurrency experience, visit a bitcoin machine! Bitcoin of America has several congenitally location bitcoin machines. You can even visit our Youtube channel to learn how to use a bitcoin machine. If you want to keep up with the latest Bitcoin news check back here weekly or visit our social media for updates!


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