Bitcoin Down Under

August 11th, 2018

Bitcoin Down Under

Bitcoin popularity is pushing businesses around the world to install ATM machines in prime cities around the world. In the last couple of years, the number of ATM machines have increased rapidly due to its growth of digital currencies. Recently, a Bitcoin machine was installed and it has already helped people access digital currencies fast. Unlike ATM machines, there are several online trading platforms like Bitcoin of America, which makes buying cryptocurrencies easy and cheap. Western countries are seeing a big number of ATM installations and other developed countries like Australia have shown a huge increase.

Demand for digital currencies is increasing considerably in Australia; this has led Stargroup Network to come up with ATM machines in many places around the country. Recently the business group upgraded to provide digital currency through 2,900 Australian ATM machines. Stargroup is the second largest ATM deployer in the country working independently. Recently the business group signed a joint venture agreement with Digitalx to convert some of the existing fiat currency ATMs in to ATM machines or Bitcoin ATMs. The all-new agreement will cover entire global network, which starts from Australia. To date, they have deployed over 500 machines and are managing over 2,400 through its subsidiary business firm Starlink.

A few days back Australian Government introduced a bill, which regulated bitcoin exchanges. This will help draw the attention of many ATM operators to install kiosks around the country.

Digitalx & Stargroup

Recently, two business giants Stargroup and Digitalx signed an agreement to upgrade several ATMs. These two groups will now work together to offer ATM machines for buying as well as selling of digital currencies. This agreement will certainly help several Bitcoin machines come up in month’s time. Under this agreement, the Star Group will develop a platform for all ATMs, which will allow users to buy and sell digital currencies at ease. Digitalx, on the other hand, will develop an API system to facilitate digital currency transaction using the software platform. Both the companies will share the transaction fees charged at ATMs.

Stargroup seems to be quite excited about the agreement and they are planning to add more machines to the network. The best thing about this agreement is that it will help people buy and cash out digital currencies using a Bitcoin machine. This will definitely lure many new users.


Stargroup ATM Network

Stargroup has been coming up with ATM installations all around Australia. The recent agreement holds for an entire global network of ATMs, but they are planning to focus on Australia. The company has already deployed around 500 ATMs and manages over 2,400 via subsidiary.

These new installations will help digital currency users to buy or sell Bitcoin easily. The company is trying to collaborate with many other international ATM manufacturers to offer top-notch services to users. At present, there are less than 20 ATM machines in Australia, which can facilitate digital currency transaction. Transaction fees with Bitcoin machines range from 4 to 8 percent the transaction value. Most of these machines are one-way, making it tough for users to cash out Bitcoins. Using the Bitcoin of America online trading platform allows an individual to buy or sell digital currencies at ease. However with so many installations lined up in days to come it will definitely save time and effort for digital currency users in Australia.


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