The Bitcoin Contenders – Upcoming Cryptocurrencies Not to Miss

February 5th, 2018

Although bitcoin has reached such high value, it might not appear to a worthy investment opportunity. If you wish to get into the cryptocurrency game, there are many other options to choose from that are up and coming and could be the next big thing.

BTC has problems, and all other coins that follow in its wake will at some moment in time take a grip on the market share that BTC currently holds.

Trying to find out which cryptocurrency will make its way to the top can take a lot of hard work and research. However, by the time you have done all this, you could have missed the boat, and the coin has already boomed.

For a longer-term investment coins that are not yet in the mainstream can give you a much better opportunity. Here are a few that are worthy of keeping a close eye on in 2018.

Bitcoin Cash

This was created from a fork in Bitcoin and was created to be faster, more reliable with fewer fees than BTC. It was also designed to be robust, secure and easy to use for everyone.

This coin takes the best of BTC and has improved on it from the way it is mined to being more decentralized. One significant change Bitcoin Cash made over BTC was to increase the block size. This they are hoping will enable it to perform as many transactions as PayPal. Moreover, Visa handles currently.

EOS Coin

This coin is not a competitor to BTC; it is a competitor to Ethereum where a new Blockchain that promises to be faster and can scale much better than Ethereum can at present.

Users can build decentralized applications that will scale efficiently as the network grows. To increase the speed of transactions parallel processing has been introduced into EOS which can cut down on time and so money.


All of the above are bringing new features that are add-ons to current technologies. Skycoin brings something entirely new and will be making its name later in the year.

With SKY comes Skywire which will transform the way we connect with the internet. This new internet consists of nodes which are similar to BTC miners, yet there is no mining of coins, that need is eliminated.

These nodes power the network so costs can be minimized while data redundancy increases the larger this P2P mesh network becomes.

Both the mesh network and the SKY can work independently, yet when they are combined, they radically change to face of cryptocurrencies. Transactions take mere seconds, and there is no chance of mining pools or large organizations being able to influence the network.

SKY has taken a step away from BTC to come up with their solution which is the closest to the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the cryptocurrency creator. Before it is too late, this might be the best cryptocurrency to buy now.


With the IOT (internet of things) becoming such a huge feature IOTA was introduced to cater for this on the payment said of things. As a result, this cryptocurrency has four significant advantages over the Blockchain variants, these being: it is scalable, decentralized, fewer fees and Modular in construction.

To achieve all this it is based on the “Tangle” and without getting technical, it is this that solves the scalability and transaction fee issue. A sender performs a proof that once verified takes away the needs of coin miners.

As user numbers increase so does the speed of the network, whereas BTC gets slower with more users.


This is an open payment platform and decentralized exchange that is also based on Ethereum. It aims to bring an open source blockchain to the masses which includes people in developing countries where there is a limited or weak banking infrastructure.

It might be a name that is unfamiliar, yet OMG which is the token for OmiseGO is the world’s fourth-largest by market cap of Ethereum projects.

This could have a major influence soon as the wallet SDK is soon to be released so developers will be clambering to develop their wallets.

All of the above can be useful investments for this year. Like all cryptocurrencies they are not guaranteed yet they improve on both BTC and Ethereum and between them fix many flaws.

The one that stands out above all of these is SKY as it brings with it its own technology to not just transform one thing such as cryptocurrencies, but also bringing control of the internet back to the users.

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