Bitcoin ATM Profitability Estimates for New Investors

March 22nd, 2018

Bitcoin ATM business is speeding up, many investors from around the world are showing interest in this venture. However, randomly starting any venture is not an easy task; this is where it is important for you to know estimations. A Indianapolis, Indiana Bitcoin ATM estimation will help you understand the important things about the business and how it can all go according to plan. Here are some estimations shared by popular Bitcoin ATM operators from around the world.

Expresscoin ATMs

The figures provided by Expression authorities are quite impressive. Expresscoin Indianapolis, Indiana Bitcoin ATMs are installed in many places, and they are known to operate several other Bitcoin ATMs around the world. The following turnover figures are known about the following Bitcoin ATMs:

  • The Robocoin machine, installed in Las Vegas, reported generating $150K in its first month. Interestingly, this amount is almost three times higher than the calculation done previously.
  • From machines like Lamassu, BitAccess and Genesis1 installed in different locations, the turnover was roughly around $100K every month. This volume was much higher than Bitcoin ATM profitability calculation done in the previous year.

According to experts a “Great” location ROI is around 3 months, whereas in “Good” location it is around 6 months. For a poor location, the ROI will be about 12 months.

Black Star Pastry Bitcoin ATM

It is a Lamassu Indianapolis, Indiana Bitcoin ATM that is installed in Sydney, Australia. At this location, it was reported that there were only 1-2 users carrying out transactions every day. There were similar statistics mentioned for various other Bitcoin ATMs in Vancouver by operators, the first being the Robocoin ATM. In some locations, Bitcoin ATMs were reported to have only 1 visitor per day.

Based on the survey conducted, it is quite clear that the biggest group has around 20 to 50 transactions every month. No operator reported more than 75 transactions in any month.

BTC Point study

In March 2014, there was a detailed analysis report presented by the BTCPoint Indianapolis, Indiana Bitcoin ATM supplier. As per their report, the calculations were based on a $1080 transaction volume every day; it is mentioned to be “very conservative amount.” This amount translates to a grand total of around $32,000 per month, which is almost twice as large than what was estimated by us.

Midwest Bitcoin

According to this Indianapolis, Indiana Bitcoin ATM operator, their machine installed in a Columbus Barber Shop, had a total turnover of around $10,000 in the very first month. But similar machines in Chicago were making around $100,000 every month. This company is known to operate separate two-way BitAcces Bitcoin ATMs.

Bitcoin ATM transactions are increasing every day, which is why investors are seeing a new opportunity in this venture. Every day the number of BTM kiosks around the world is increasing, clearly showing its popularity. BTM kiosks are now available in supermarkets, stores, liquor shops and various stores for easy access. Strategically selecting a BTM kiosk location is vital to its success. Follow some of these estimates and get an overview about starting Bitcoin ATM business. Figures and profit margin may vary in some places.

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