Bitcoin ATM Expansion to Texas

December 7th, 2018

Bitcoin ATM Expansion to Texas

Bitcoin of America is registered under the U.S. State Department of Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB). All transactions are executed in accordance with Federal and State laws. Bitcoin of America follows strict anti-money laundering [AML] and Know Your Customer [KYC] policies. Additionally, these cryptocurrency transactions are made on a highly secure, user-friendly platform with same day settlement rates. The company now is deploying multiple Bitcoin ATM in Texas.

Following a tumultuous aftermath of the Bitcoin Cash Hard fork, most cryptocurrencies have gone through a bearish momentum. A technical analysis of the charts shows that prices have gone down, which may indicate that it is time to buy cryptocurrencies so as to resell when they boom. If you share these sentiments, you might have been to numerous physical and online exchanges such as Bitcoin of America which offer Bitcoin and other crypto-exchange services in major cities. Bitcoin of America provides automated buying of Bitcoin as well as other crypto across various cities in the United States and is now coming to Houston and Dallas, both in Texas.

Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs) across various cities


Photo of Bitcoin of America’s BTM located at Valero Gas Station 2040 Synott St., Houston, TX, 77011

Currently, Bitcoin of America operates close to 80 BTMs in major cities in the U.S. such as Detroit, Indianapolis, Washington DC and Chicago where it is headquartered. These machines, also known as Bitcoin kiosks or Bitcoin ATMs, are unlike the traditional ATMs. They are used to buy and sell cryptocurrency rather than provide you with access to your bank account. This makes it convenient and easy for users. One may use their cash or Bitcoin wallet on their phone applications to buy or sell without a bank account or a credit card/debit card.

The U.S. is in constant competition with the likes of the U.K., Canada and Austria where accessibility to bitcoin buying and selling has been highly increased. To beat this, corporations have come up with Bitcoin Teller Machines (BTMs). They are primarily designed to provide regular people with the ability to buy and sell crypto without the aid of an intermediary. They vary in functionality based on the manufacturer.

Expansion plan hopes to cover more cities in the U.S.

The company has already rolled out BTMs in places such as Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas before coming to Texas. Digital enthusiasts will be able to locate these machines using mobile phone applications and websites. Additionally, they will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin on these platforms.

Bitcoin of America is one of the trusted names in the business and its BTMs are open 24/7. In addition to the multiple BTMs already installed in major prime locations in the country, it is set to roll out more. Users will be able to trade up to $7,500 in Bitcoins. All BTMs are located conveniently and come with enough parking spaces. The platform’s exchange services at the BTMs are charged a minimal rate for each transaction.

Expansion Plan is to meet the growing consumer needs

To feed the growing demand for safe and secure crypto-trading platforms, the company will make new installations in the earlier mentioned cities. Bitcoin of America is an exchange on a mission to spread cryptocurrency awareness across the country.

Bitcoin of America’s Bitcoin ATMs specialize in the Bitcoin, given that it is the top-rated digital coin based on market capitalization. The latter is valued at $100 Billion.

BTMs are grouped based on type of transaction. Both types are basically one-way or two-way. To buy, one keys in the amount. A receipt is issued by the machine with a QR code. The crypto is fed into one’s wallet by scanning the QR code with one’s phone. The cryptocurrency purchased automatically reflects on your wallet. The process is safe, fast, and secure; and users can ‘trust the trading platform blindly’ per a review on Bitcoin of America.

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