Sell Bitcoins Using A Robocoin BTM Machine

March 21st, 2018

The Robocoin BTM machine was the first two-way BTM machine that was installed in many countries across the globe. However, this machine is known to get many complaints from Bitcoin users because of its complicated buying and selling process. Most of the modern day Bitcoin machines are easier to operate and users prefer these machines. This particular machine, featured a biometric palm view scanner, and the whole process of registration was quite complicated. Seeing and hearing these complaints from different parts of the market, the makers decided to remove the palm vein scan process from all its machines. This is good step forward for all Robocoin Bitcoin ATM in Indiana users.

Robocoin Gets An Update

On the other hand, there is some recently updated of Robocoin Software which made it mandatory for operators to use its proprietary wallet solution. This means all customer funds will now be stored at Robocoin Bitcoin ATM in Indiana. Since November 2014, Robocoin successfully switched all operators to their all new Wallet 2.0. Some operators were not interested in proceeding with the update and they had no other option but to switch to something else, such as Satoshipoint integrated software on to their machines. These machines support only a “buying Bitcoins” option-there are plans for a selling feature in the future.

Using A Robocoin Machine

So for users interested in buying or selling Bitcoins on Robocoin Bitcoin ATM in Indiana, you need to understand the fact that while the hardware will be the same, the software may vary from machine to machine and hence the operation will be completely different. When you are willing to sell Bitcoins using the Robocoin Machine (original software), the main idea should be to create a wallet at Robocoin.

With this particular Bitcoin ATM in Indiana machine, you can sell Bitcoins, but before you cash out on Bitcoins the most important thing is to have a Wallet. Bitcoins in your wallet can be transferred to Robocoin. Here are the steps:

  • When you are logged on to the wallet tap the “Receive” option on the screen.
  • Now the user will be provided with QR code for depositing Bitcoins.
  • Send Bitcoins to this address.
  • Make sure you wait for 6 confirmations.

Normally it takes up to 1 hour between your transfers of Bitcoins. With some machines, you can actually withdraw cash before that. However, if the users already have funds in his or her Robocoin wallet the selling of this digital currency for cash will be very fast.

Once the funds get transferred to your Robocoin wallet, the only thing that you need to do is:

  • Sign on to the Bitcoin ATM in Indiana ATM machine using Phone, PIN or the verification code.
  • Now tap the “Withdraw” option.
  • Enter the cash you want to withdraw and then click the option “Finish.”
  • Collect the cash and the receipt.

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