Bitcoin ATM Business Profit Calculation

March 21st, 2018

Many investors are eager to start investing in the Bitcoin ATM business, but before you start on this new venture, you need to plan accordingly. This St. Louis Missouri Bitcoin ATM business calculation is done without considering marketing expenses or promotional costs. You will also need to include paperwork and licensing expenses, which vary from place to place. However, this estimation will help you get an overview about the business’s profitability.


Skyhook is the cheapest available Bitcoin ATM machine on the market and the popular brand sells Bitcoin ATM machines at an affordable price of only $999. This is a one-way machine, meaning that it includes a limited bill acceptor from 1 to up to 500 bills. For investors who are looking for solutions at an affordable price, the Skyhook is undoubtedly the cheapest machine available in the market. However, there are a limited number of operations with this particular machine, but it is understandable when you are buying machines at such a low price. No large banknotes(Euro) are supported in this machine, but the manufacturers say the new machines will support large notes as well. There are specific locations where you can install this St. Louis Missouri Bitcoin ATM machine. It is recommended to install it it a secure place like a coffee shop or convenient store.

Now for the calculation part, if it is assumed that there are 100 transactions made each month with an average transaction of $50 and there is no rent for the location and the operator manages all logistics, results show that the Bitcoin ATM payback period is 4 months, bringing the Bitcoin ATM owner a net cash flow of $235 per month.


There are many different scenarios that the Bitcoin ATM profitability is calculated. In this estimation the cheapest St Louis, Missouri Bitcoin ATM machine is taken into account for the operation. The volume of the transaction mentioned here may not be the same, it will vary depending on location and requirement. This will help you calculate profit on the investment. It is important to mention that the first BTM kiosk was installed in Vancouver and started to make profit in just one month! Location and demand for Bitcoins plays an important role.

Do you want to start investing in the St. Louis, Missouri Bitcoin ATM business? Digital currencies are becoming more popular all over the world and installing a BTM kiosk can prove to be highly profitable. Investors can calculate figures based on the necessary logistics. There are many websites that will help you get detailed ideas about the Bitcoin ATM business.

Bitcoin is paving the way for many new businesses. Bitcoin ATM operators are now coming up with a chain of BTM kiosks in many places around the world. Strategically selecting a BTM kiosk location is important. Don’t you want to make the most out of this investment opportunity?

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