The Best Spots To Spend Your Bitcoins In Paris

March 22nd, 2018

Paris is one of the most popular and well-loved travel destinations. It is the City of Lights! Wine flows freely here, with the Eiffel Tower lighting up at all hours of the night. Paris is attracting millions of tourists from around the world; it is famous for its world-class museums, unique cultural flair, and cuisines which are hard to find anywhere else in the world. What’s even more exciting about this place is that you can use Bitcoin in many stores and restaurants. Walk around the city and rest assured that there are more than enough places to spend your Bitcoins.

The Chicago, Illinois Bitcoin ATM is also not too far, locate it and buy digital currencies with safely and quickly. You can load your digital wallet before heading off to Paris!

First Bitcoin Centre

If you are a true Bitcoin enthusiast, then you shouldn’t miss La Maison du Bitcoin- it is the first Bitcoin center in Europe. This place is hugely popular and was created for Bitcoin followers and entrepreneurship. This place is a 220-meter space filled with various Bitcoin-related companies and startups. There is even a Chicago, Illinois Bitcoin ATM for you to use!

Enjoy Delicious French Cuisine

Planning for a romantic date? Visit Le Pitcoin, a popular place which accepts Bitcoin as payment. All Le Pitcoin’s cuisines are made on site; their specialty is that all of their ingredients are always local and fresh. This restaurant is committed to freshness (you won’t find any microwaves or freezers here). Because of this, Le Pitcoin’s menu changes every season, so make sure you stop by to try the different delicacies for the night.

For a more cosmopolitan feel, head to another Bitcoin-friendly bar named SOF’s Bar. It was amongst the first businesses in this part of the world to accept Bitcoin and is also a great place to watch the latest football game while enjoying a nice craft beer. The place also offers great varieties of music; their sound system is amongst the best in the city. There is always a Chicago, Illinois Bitcoin ATM nearby, spend just a few Bitcoins and enjoy quality time!

Another popular place where you can use Bitcoin is, O’CAIRE. It is a wonderful little bar that serves high-quality drinks and offers a good atmosphere. The place is a perfect combination of trendy and cozy, where you will feel both at home and hip. For all Bitcoin enthusiasts, there are enough options available here. Enjoy some of the best cuisines all made with full-flavored, fresh ingredients. A Chicago, Illinois Bitcoin ATM is also nearby for your convenience.

Unleash Inner Your Inner Artist

France is known for its touting painters, rich art history, and famous artists. If you are an art lover, you will enjoy every bit of your experience in this part of the world. Bitcoin enthusiasts can also bring home some Paris’ rich culture from Mark Hachem Gallery by paying with Bitcoin. Buy some of the most fabulous and contemporary arts with digital currencies. These works will remind you of the time spent in France; your home walls will thank you!

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