Are You Looking to Find a Safe Exchange?

January 28th, 2020

Are You Looking to Find a Safe Exchange?

What is the hype all about?

Bitcoin has expanded over the years and its popularity is still increasing. Are you wondering why people are so interested in Bitcoin and what the benefits are? Some major benefits include: low transaction fees, no third party, and anonymity. Unlike other payment modes such as debit or credit cards that have high transaction fees, Bitcoin transfers have low and affordable fees. Transactions in the crypto space are based on a peer-to-peer mode and do not involve any third party.  This, in its own, comes with numerous benefits.

Bitcoin Exchange Options

There are so many options out there when it comes to purchasing Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs even reached an all time high last year.  With that being said there are numerous bitcoin exchanges to choose from. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best place to buy bitcoin.

Do your Research!

It is crucial to research any potential exchange that you are looking into. Some essential factors to consider include: security, availability of the exchange, fees charged, and the platform’s friendliness. You can even look up customer reviews to see how their experience was. You can look into what services the company offers. This could be trading on their website or store locations. Some exchanges offer added services like mobile apps that bring extra benefits. 

Safety is Key

It is important to find an exchange that you feel comfortable with. Moreover, the exchange should be available in your country and operating according to regulations in place. For example, when you look at Bitcoin of America, you see “Bitcoin of America is a popular virtual currency exchange registered with the United States Department of Treasury” and “We operate in full compliance with BSA/AML rules and regulations”.

Overall, these are just some tips to keep in mind when you begin looking for the best place to buy bitcoin. In no way are these requirements, just simple suggestions to consider!

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